Sunday, February 22, 2009

Purple Magic

purple magic green flower Starfish Cape Town by moonlight These are a few of the ATC´s I made in Cape Town. The first time that I saw this view I was 18, when I worked on a tankership with my father. And this was about as far as I got. The ship got it´s provisions by helicopter lowered on pallets. My father told me stories on how wonderful Cape Town was, he was a sailor all his life and really has been everywhere. Six year later I came to Cape Town, flying from a layover at Nairobi, those days on a 5 hour stop. A few years ago I visited Cape Town on one of my first 5 day layovers. Indeed what a wonderful place and wonderful country. Click below for more pictures of this trip to Cape Town. De eerste keer dat ik dit uitzicht zag was ik 18, toen ik op een tanker werkte met mijn vader. Veel verder dan dit kwamen we ook niet. Het schip kreeg zijn proviand per helicopter die ze met pallets naar beneden lieten zakken. Mijn vader vertelde me verhalen over hoe geweldig Kaapstad was, hij heeft zijn hele leven gevaren en werkelijk alle hoeken van de wereld gezien. Zes jaar later kwam ik weer in Kaapstad, vliegend vanuit Nairobi, we stonden er maar 5 uur. Een aantal jaar geleden kwam ik voor het eerst echt in Kaapstad op één van mijn 5 dagen stops daar. En inderdaad, een geweldige stad, een prachtig land. Klik beneden voor meer foto´s van Kaapstad.


  1. Voel de liefde in je woorden en weet dat je Vader een beetje bij je was daar lieverd.


  2. 18..dit was een honderd jaar gelede...tee hee...
    goeie herinerings van jou pappie.
    hierdie stad is vol baie goeie en slegte herinerings vir my ook. ek is so bly dat jy my die wonderlike atc gestuur het. ek is so gelukkig.

  3. Your ATC's are really beautiful, Marianne! I love your Capetown photos! My favs are the red building (very pretty), the black cat (is this Sjimmie?), the flowering agave, and you with your wine!!! Now that is where I can picture myself, for sure!!! :) I sure am envious of your great job!!!

  4. these are just gorgeous and fun and lovley!

  5. hello marianne, after seeing your comments on many of the special blogs we both visit, i am stopping by (with pleasure) to view your art first hand and say hello. I will be back for sure--you create a spiritual sense of place that soothes and reassures...


  6. Your ATC's are always a thing of beauty to behold, and I LOVE seeing your beautiful face. I'd like to be sharing a glass of wine with you. Perhaps someday!

    Thank you for your wonderful comment about my pigeon and ones you've loved! You deserve that envelope. We'll see who gets it soon ;)


  7. The colors in these mandalas are so soothing to my soul and eyes. My computer is uploading very slowly so cant see the pictures right now. Glad you are back.

  8. Beautiful! I am just loving your ATCs and am so happy to be a proud owner of one of my very own. Not only is your lovely and cheery ATC on display in my studio, but that beautiful card as well. Dragonflies are one of my favorite artist "muse".
    Thanks for sharing your art and photos.

  9. Hoi Mar, ja moest ook veel aan hem denken.......

    Hi SB, voor mij alleen maar goede herinneringen hier....
    Heb je nu de foto´s gezien waar je om vroeg?

    Hi Julie, the cat was a pregnant lady, so not Sjimmie..... She was just laying around all the people there!
    And yes sun food and a glass of SA wine........what more do you want....

    Thanks Mary!

    Hi KJ,
    Welcome, nice to see you! Thanks for your kind words. I will make a return visit later today! See you!

    Hi Lolo,
    I think that one day we WILL share a glass of wine! Would be so much fun!
    Thanks for your sweet compliments!
    And yes I love the pigeon but sometimes you not always get what you deserve in live.....maybe someone else needs it harder at that time :)

    Thanks Teri!

    Hi Suki, good to be back. I saw you are on the Cape, so now I can follow your trip from home! Enjoy!

    Hi Lisa!
    Good to see you again, know you are busy! Hope all your hard work pays off.
    I am still so happy with my bunny!

  10. I have goose bumps all over ...such beauty...your photos, and your art...and your words...a powerful combo my dear friend1 :)

  11. Your ATC's are awesome Marianne. The colors are so exciting.


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