Monday, February 2, 2009



  1. Dear M,

    I've always enjoyed this video. I can only imagine how much you're missing your dad. I hope your heart heals soon.


  2. Thanks Lolo!
    We played this song after my speech on my fathers ceremony.
    I didn´t know who the lady was singing with him, but yesterday I found this video and saw it was his daughter, that makes the song even more special for me!

  3. What a perfect song...father and daughter singing together...for a memorial. It always brings tears to my eyes...probably one of the greatest songs EVER, in my mind!
    God bless you Marianne!

  4. I knew this was a special song for you and your Dad. While Natalie and her Dad had their connection of music that they shared I am sure you and your Dad have things in common that will keep you forever connected. Love is the perfect connection. Peace.

  5. Beautiful daughter and Dad video. My thoughts are with you, my prayers. Were i nearby I'd take you out for a cup of tea. Blessings, Suki


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