Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Purple world Purple spiral Purplle love Daisies Love chain These TAC´s I made in Rotterdam, when I took care of Mom, while Dad was in hospital. I think I have enough now to trade. I have put them on Flickr where you can see them all. I have no idea how it works......... But maybe you can tell me. Wanna trade? (I´ll go to Beijing now and will be back on Friday. See you all later)


  1. These are just beautiful Marianne. I need to make some ATC's so I can trade with people.

  2. Goeie Reis,en thake care.
    Liefs Marja

  3. Marianne, these are truly beautiful. I am sure you will have lots of offers!

    Here is a Big Hug for you!

  4. Oh wow Marianne, these are gorgeous! That first is so very different, it just caught my eye. Wonderful.

  5. I'm pretty sure you'll have to save the daisy one for Teri C!!

    They're all beautiful. I love the purple spiral, and I agree about the top one being so different. Magical!!

    I think after next Monday I'll have enough ATC's to send to all of the members that comment on my posts. :) I'll have to choose them randomly though.

    have a safe trip!

  6. ek weet niks van ats's of flickr..maar een ding ek weet vir seker is dat hierdie werk is fantasties! wow!!!
    ek het jou n award gegee op my blog suster, wanneer jy terug kom. reis lekker. leis en wfs.

  7. gorgeous Marianne. Mine are all packed away so I cant trade. Have a great trip.

  8. oh my gosh marianne!
    these are fabulous!

  9. Your ATCs are gorgeous!!! I would be happy to trade with you. It would be wonderful to have a piece of inspiring art from such a talented artist on display in my studio. I would be happy to make one special for you and we can just trade. Surprise me! =)

  10. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous...even more beautiful in person as your beautiful envelope arrived late Tuesday....Have a glorious trup to China! :)

  11. Oh wow these sure are stunning!!!!!

  12. These are beautiful

    Hope you are doing well, Mim

  13. I would love to trade with you Lisa!

    Thanks Marja and Kim!
    Thanks Teri and I agree the first one is different but made together with the others.

    Thanks Lolo!
    Yes the daisies have Teri written all over them...
    Let me know which one you like and I love to be surprised with a cactus ATC!

    Hi SB,
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday when I was away!
    I didn´t know anything about ATC´s either until I saw them at Suki´s blog. And Flickr is just a place to store and share photo´s.

    Hi Suki ,
    You just pick one and we can trade later when you have unpacked again.

    Thanks Melissa!

    Hi Lisa,
    I would love to trade with you!

    Hi margaret,
    Glad the mail arrived.......It is realy SNAIL mail :)

    Thanks Stapeliad!

    And Mim!
    And I am doing ok.......
    I started working although I didn´t have to, but it went well and now I have 10 days off.

  14. Wow! So creative!!
    Lovely heart shapes in time of Valentine:)


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