Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#5)

This ACT I made yesterday. A starfish is an animal isn´t it? So perfect for Animal Wednesday. They come in all sorts of colors and shapes. Here is one in the middle of Jeske´s mandala. The seahorses I painted from an image I found on the internet, so not excactly my design.... Shame on me, that I don´t know who´s it is, so I can´t mention it.... It is one of my first mandalas so I didn´t think about that then. now I only paint from pictures and when I know the source I will ask for permission and mention the artist. As I did with the foliosa coral I used below. A blue starfish in Isa´s mandala, which also has a lot of water elements in it. Is is a cancer. And in this ATC, which is one of my favorites. I love starfish ever since I was a child, they have something magical. How about you? Happy Animal Wednesday!!!! PS I found another one.....


  1. All of these mandalas are beautiful Marianne. I really like the seahorses. HAW to you.

  2. yes i like them, but seahorses i love, they are wondrous little creatures. beauty shines in this post today.HAW and see my invitation to you today...oops wrote it all in english today lots of love and hugs and wfs marianne.

  3. Happy animal wednesday to you all .
    The last one is also my favourite well done Marianne.

  4. When I see Marja I remember I have to find those pictures!

    These are all lovely. I too love the last one. And now I know something special you love! That might help me decide what to do for you ;)


  5. i love starfish too. these are all wonderful.

  6. I feel as though I have been swimming with the star fish and sea horses...they are all so lovely...some sparkly...flowing nicely into this Animal Wednesday do such lovely work Marianne.

  7. Lovely lovely and what a day for under water animals - you and me and Artist Unplugged!

  8. Ooops - I meant "Artsy Endevors" - my bad....

  9. Just gorgeous fave in the white pearly starfish...Everything you touch has a magical feel about it! :)

  10. This whole post is so full of beauty and then more beauty! Love love love them all.

  11. Oh, how pretty are these sea ATCs!!! Love the seahorses one!! You are on an ATC roll, for sure!!!

  12. Hi Marianne
    It's me tweedles. I was so excited when i came to visit you and you had painted pictures of my friend Star who i found last year on the Oregon Coast and she told me about Puff the magic Seahorse, that I am going looking for in 8 days! I thought that was so cool and your painting of them is so gorgeous.
    Isn't that something you painted them? They are on my last bloggieL last weekend.
    I hope they look like that when I go see them next week! So colorful.


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