Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flower Mandala (#2)

Spring is coming next week they say!
Hope it will wait for me as I will fly to Montreal on Thursday.
I really would like to start with our fence when I come back.
Today I must do some cleaning and have to study again.
Last week I passed my general exam with 100%.
Tomorrow I will have my type exam.
See you on Monday again!
Volgende week komt de lente zeggen ze!
Hopelijk om te blijven, want donderdag moet ik vliegen (Montreal).
Als ik terug kom wil ik graag aan ons niewe tuinhek beginnen.
Vandaag moet ik wat aan het huis doen en weer leren.
Vorige week met 100% geslaagd voor mijn general.
Morgen heb ik type recurrent.
Tot maandag!
Have a nice weekend!


  1. This is beautiful - just perfect.

    Hope you do well on your exams - wonder why typing is needed for safety???

  2. Congrats on passing your exam with such high marks!! yipee Good luck with then next round of exams.

    This mandala looks so springy.

  3. haha Mim I mean 3 types of aircrafts...........

  4. ps typing I did 35 years ago and I don´t know how I passed then and certainly will never pass for that anymore.......... :)

  5. typing exam, nee, dit kan ek nie doen nie. veels geluk op jou 100%. mooi! en die 'daisy' is ook so mooi, teri sal dit geniet. lekker naweek.liefs en wfs skattebol.

  6. Bon Chance morgen meid zal aan je denken en dat hek komt er ook wel.
    Ruud moet het bij ons ook hoger maken voor B.maar vond het vanochtend geen weer zijn naar het Kralingse bos geweest en ja hoor het werdt droog!!!!!!
    Dus zijn de mannen nu golfen en ligt B. uitgevloerd.
    Groetjes aan de 3koningen.

  7. Beautiful and fresh as a daisy!

  8. This is a beautiful spring mandala! Teri C will want this one :)

    Congrats on 100%...I knew you could do it! Good luck on the next part.
    I have relatives in Montreal! Say hello to them for me okay?
    Safe travel..XX

  9. Oh gee Lol, you took the words right out of my mouth!! lol

    It is a beauty for sure!!!

    Good luck on the exam Marianne.

  10. Congrats on your exam, that is wonderful! Have a great trip and I will peek in on your next week. =)

  11. Hi Marianne
    Good job on your exam!
    This is a beautiful art. It reminds me of spring- which we do not have yet.

  12. Congratulations! Can you speak some French while in Montreal??? Hope you can stay a few days over the weekend and have a little vacation!!!

  13. Congrats on passing your exam 100%!
    Your painting is so beautiful. Tomorrow I dip brush into water colors for the first time. I wonder what I will create? I want to do what you and Terri C do.
    In time... ???
    I am having a great weekend, and hope you are too.

  14. Marianne thank you so much for stopping by my blog and letting me know what you believe. I appreciate that.

    Your blog is beautiful.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  15. Hi Marianne!!! this is beautiful and the colours are just perfect....

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


  16. Wow! Beautiful!!!!
    This is my favourite!

  17. Well done you, 100%, you can't improve on that, and good luck on the next one. I used to be a really fast typist, but am a bit slower now and my letters get in a knot too!


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