Monday, March 30, 2009

Cactus Monday (#29)

Seen this one before?
Maybe here?
See the difference? Lolo, Sweetheart, thanks!
I am so happy with my lovely gifts!
Love everything! The notepaper with your name,
The cat en moon card.
I always say I love all animals, but cats are really my all time favorite!
And the moon, well I am a cancer so I have a special bond with the moon.
And the envelope! So gorgeous, I might just frame it too.
Once again thanks a million dear cactuteer!
Happy Cactus Monday!
Want to ooooooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah one more time?
here they are:
Forgot anyone?
(Let me know the link, I'll add it)


  1. Nice that you re-capped everyones surprises form Lolo!!! How lucky are we all??? Yours are very nice too!!!! HCM!

  2. pragtig, haar werk is net fantasties en sy het n groot groot hart. hcm vriend cactuteer en liefs en wfs ook. hoe was jou reis na montreal of gaan jy nogsteeds daar?

  3. oh you are so lucky. happy cactus monday! so nice to put all the links!

  4. What a lovely surprise to receive in the mail, and such charming items. Thanks so much for sharing and happy Monday. =)
    Oh, and to answer your question my Panda was done on hot press watercolor paper and I used my brand new set of Hydrus watercolors by Dr PH Martin (brand). I have attached a link to a nice article about them.

  5. Oh yes, Lolo deserves many ooos and ahhhs. Yours is beautiful too. HCM.

  6. hi marianne!
    i love your cactus mondays!
    m & e

  7. So glad you like them! I even glittered the moon for you :)

    I forgot it was cactus Monday! I was sick yesterday and managed to squeak out an Illustration Friday.
    I'll have to do an ATC wgen I get back!

    Gotta run and help a doggy.

    HCM dear friend!!

  8. Yeah, lolo's so kind:)
    Thanks for remembering us and HCM:)

  9. Isn't lolo's art just the best? And yours is too!
    Fun to share what we all got! Love the kitty and the moon (and I am cancer too! ;-)

  10. Gorgeous cactus scene. I love the glittery moon and shadows. Lolo does beautiful work. Happy Cactus Monday!

  11. Lolo is indeed so special and each one of these (for all of us) is so personalized by her. The glittery moon is YOU!!


  12. wow!!! these are wonderful....the glitter on the moon is amazing....wonderful....

    Looks like you're having a wonderful week!!!


  13. A beautiful display from dear Lolo! What a treat to receive special gifts! HCM!

  14. Beautiful and Happy! And "juguetón" playful....

    F A B U L O U S ! ! !

    And we are all blessed to have Lolo among us...
    Mine is on my nightstand :) Thank you Mariane to showing them. Have HCM and a splendid week!

  15. Oooh, how lovely, what a wonderful surprise package. I love them all too!

  16. I seriously could frame Laurl's envelopes. They are almost my favourite.



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