Monday, March 23, 2009

Cactus Monday (#28)

Scientists Were extatic when my mini cactus started to bloom and it turned out to be a rare, unknown so far, variety. I was allowed to take a picture before they took it away from me for further investigation. Now I have only the picture to show you.

Oh and they let me pick a name for this new species and I called it The Teri Cactus. Soon available worldwide.

Happy Cactus Monday to you all!


  1. wow a teri cactus! amazing. very daisy like in its bloom... HCM!

  2. Oh a daisy for Teri!
    Really I mean what a feather in her cap :)
    Incredible, hope you get it back... HCM...

  3. I got all caught up in your story and was believing every word, hey, it's not April 1st yet is it?
    Lovely mandala you made from this cactus! HCM!

  4. ha ha ek het alles ook geglo. welkom terug van ny. hoop dit was nie te erg nie. en HCM fellow cactuteer.

  5. Just so beautiful!
    Your good effort not wasted.
    Love this fresh blossom, you must have put a lot of time taking care this mini cactus:)
    Happy Cactus Monday!

  6. You make me smile!! You did a great job on this "transplant!"
    Clever lady ;)

  7. P.S. did you get your goodies from me yet?

  8. What a beauty Marianne. You are so creative. I know that our Teri will much appreciate the "daisy" cactus.

  9. A TERI CACTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWZERS Marianne! You are so lucky to make this find and I am so blessed to have it named for me.

    You are so clever and creative! I lovelovelove it!! Thank you and big hugs.

    I am also noticing how great a daisy looks growing out of a wonderful cactus.


  10. You're yanking my chain, aren't you? Well, beautiful photo. :)

  11. Spot on perfect is what his is!~!! HCM and Hugs! :)

  12. Very clever - Cacti-daisy named after Teri

  13. Love your new species of cactus!!! LOLOL! :)

  14. it Marianne!!!


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