Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Animal Wednesday Metamorphosis

Doggie Kaleidoscope Scruffy #1 Scruffy #2 Oh no......not too much, it is still so cold outside. There is no end to the ordeal. It´s hard to maintain your dignity....... But here is Koekie again..... and Droppie! Nothing more to fear? Let´s take a well deserved nap then. This post is for you Auntie Joss! Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. i'm sitting here shlieking 'look it's koekie, aaaw look how cute droppie is...aaw so sweet....awwwww' thanks so much auntie marianne and a very happy animal wednesday to you and koekie and droppie.

  2. gosh this is so adorable. After having labs for years, it cracks me up to see your pups getting washed in the kitchen sink. How cute is that!

    HAW to all the little shitz-ews. - maybe that is not how it is spelled :)

  3. Awe...such pretty little clean babies! I think they are so happy now all snuggled up feeling grand!!!

  4. It was worth all the hard work and humiliation. They look like brand new puppies. Just gorgeous.

  5. sounds like a good mornings work, getting clean and then taking a nap. How sweet they are.

  6. Hi Marianne!!! what a wonderful transformation!!! thank you so much for sharing this with everyone at Daily Art Stop!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  7. They are so cute! I need to bathe and groom our Odin but I always feel bad in the winter for him too. At least I don't make him wear a sweater. :)

  8. Totally adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They make a great mandala.


  9. You're a good groomer Marianne!
    They look wonderful!

    HAW!!! (and hugs!)

  10. Ach arme Koekkie en Droppie laat het vrouwtje jullie maar snel mee naar hier meenemen.
    Vandaag was het op het terras 31 graden heerlijk.
    Bisous et embrasses,Marja


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