Friday, March 13, 2009

Warm Sun

I am home after 3 days. I have visited some of your blogs in random order and will continue tomorrow, I have missed a lot! Right now I will watch tv with my sons and probably will fall asleep, tv has this effect on me... Hope your day was sunnier than here, they promised us a spring day but we got just another rainy day...... better luck tomorrow. Ik ben weer thuis na 3 dagen weggeweest. Ik heb al een paar blogs bezocht in willekeurige volgorde en doe de rest morgen, want ik heb veel gemist. ik ga zo tv kijken met de jongens, maar zal wel snel in slaap vallen, tv kijken als ik moe ben hou ik meestal niet lang vol. Hoop dat jou dag zonniger was dan de mijne. Ze hadden een lentedag voorspeld, maar we kregen nog een druilerige dag.......morgen beter.


  1. Marianne, I just love the orange colors of your last couple of mandalas. They are so exciting with this color.

    You probably need rest after your busy days. I hope Mom is moved and is settling in ok.

  2. The orange sparkles! Love the glittery look...
    Nice that you are resting...and I think those ARE spring showers.
    Enjoy your childern.

  3. This has a very Aztec feel....just beautiful and haunting!!

    Welcome home. have a peaceful night and sweet dreams ;)


  4. Hi Marianne- its me tweedles, thanks for visiting my bloggie again, i have missed you. My mommie and I just spent the past hour trying to understand what a Mandala is. We looked it up on this computer- and we did not see ANYTHING like what you do. So how do you do it? Do these beauitiful mandalas come out of your mind? We looked for some to try to paint- well try at least! We love yours soooo much- and we want to understand. So anyways - heres some love!

  5. Oh, I love this SUN bursting with juicy orange and red. GORGEOUS. It warms me just to look at it.

  6. the tribal feel to this! :)

  7. Yeah, thinking of spring & summer:)


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