Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Give Away!

I have opened my Etsy shop, with so far only cards.
In the future I will also sell small art items here.
I must say I started this because of the encouragement of Lolo and Diana.
But I wonder if people use or buy cards any longer.
I don't send so many cards as before, internet has replaced that part for me.
Snail mail has become special because of that.
I love handwritten envelopes in my mailbox instead of bills!
How about you?
You can win 2 of my cards simply by leaving a comment!
I will pick a winner on Sunday, when I am back home again.
I'd like to hear what you think about it.


  1. Your cards are beautiful Marianne. I too like to receive a hand written card in the mail. I keep each one for a longggggggg time. I also like to send beautiful cards. I guess I think everyone feels like I do. They are like receiving hugs in the post.

  2. So happy that you have your own Etsy shop! I am going to visit it right away, your cards are lovely... I have one framed in my studio and it is so uplifting!

  3. Good for you! You should have a shop to sell your beautiful work. I love getting cards in the mail, mostly from my grandmothers nowadays. You don't have to enter me in the giveaway since I won this summer, just commenting!

  4. Geweldig net nu ik jou kaarten gevonden heb uit Malmo.
    Ga er snel 1 op de bus doen die zie je dan Zondag.
    Goeie en veilige reis meid.
    PS VOORJAAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well, my dear friend guess what came in my mail yesterday?

    One of your gorgeous cards embellished with glitter, two mandala stickers of your design and that beautiful spiral egg mandala that you posted not long ago that I was secretly drooling over! I guess I didn't hide my enthusiasm :)

    You are so kind and generous. Thank you Marianne! I'll post my goodies on Thursday as I have something else to show too from another blogger. What a community we have!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  6. They are gorgeous Marianne!!! I think you are really doing the right things as more and more people love getting 'real' mail. Good luck in your shop.

  7. fantasties. goeie nuus. die middel een is myne...yahoo. dit lyk so mooi...

    the middle one is mine now, hanging in my entrance near my front door. i commissioned marianne to do one for my 60th birthday. isn't it fab? and isn't she fab?

  8. Hi Marianne, what a good idea to open an etsy account. I'm going to put my raggy bags on there. I must photograph them tomorrow.

    I love receiving proper cards through the post. My lovely daughter in law often sends little cards, she is so thoughtful. They have to go on my wall and that is a reflection of how few one receives now.

  9. I think the cards are a great idea. And if it is Laurel from Studio Lolo who encouraged you then I am even more game. She is brilliant.

    Personally I think small originals are always a good selling factor too for an etsy store. That is usually what I look for because it is more afordable and with the Canadian doll hair being so much lower it makes a huge difference.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. Hi Marianne!!! I am so thrilled you opened up your shop!!!

    your work is wonderful and I have been a huge fan since the day we met.....

    here's to many years of success with your new shop!!!

    I am like you....a handwritten card makes all the difference in the world....technology is fun...but getting cool letters and special cards is so exciting!!!


  11. i love these cards. i would and will buy them without a second thought. to me cards will always be a special way to send good wishes to someone else--despite the internet or email or whatever.

    congratulations marianne! you'll be having fun with etsy!

  12. I'm commenting cause I'm so greedy and would love more of your gorgeous cards...

  13. I am sure people would LOVE to receive a card with YOUR art on it!
    I know I would.
    So please give me a chance to win and I will look at your store as well. Good luck with this.

  14. I agree. I know how much I enjoy receiving real mail - especially if it includes a beautiful photo or work of art. I do sell a few cards through my Zazzle.com store, so it seems some people do still like to send them. Good luck with yours!

  15. Cards created by hand have a special heartfelt magic about them...they bring smiles from deep in the heart! :)

    Congrats on Etsy! :) Going over right now to browse...:)

  16. Congrats Marianne:)
    Being positive is already half the way to the success path you are leading.
    Most importantly, works with passion will always last and stands out!
    Love you and your arts Marianne, as I remember the day I received the beautiful heartfelt piece from you. I am sure the recipient will be thrilled to do so:)

  17. zeer interessant, bedankt


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