Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ohhh how I long for Spring. The sun is here but the wind is cold. Hope it is warm and sunny where you are....... Oooo wat verlang ik naar de lente. De zon is er, maar de wind is koud. Ik hoop dat het zonnig en warm is waar jij bent.....


  1. It is sunny and warm here in California. We are to be in the 70's all this week.
    Your mandala has a middle eastern feel to it today. Nicely done! Love the color.

  2. It's sunny but chilly in my part of California~perfect weather for walking!

    This mandala is my new favorite! I love the slight egg shape and these are my favorite colors!

    Marianne...I just got your Etsy order! You are so generous, thank you! I'll print your cards today and ship them tomorrow.

    I'm glad you liked your little package :) I added the glitter to the moon just for you!


  3. bbbrrrrr net die selfde hier ook...sonnerig maar die wind is bitter koud. maar dis n lekker warm mandala. liefs en wfs skattebol.

  4. Hi Marianne!!!

    this new mandala is beautiful....reminds me of the ocean....and how I long to be near it....

    Thank you so much for letting me know you recieved the book....I am so excited to have my work all the way there....you are truly a special friend and your kind words and sweet visits really make my days brighter....thank you so much for that....I hope Felix loves the book!

    Have a wonderful day ...

    Hugs Hugs Hugs

  5. your egg mandala, egg and nest mandala is hopeful. here also sun but cold cold wind. ony 30 degrees this am.

  6. It IS warm and sunny here and I wish I could send you some!!

    Beautiful mandala.

  7. It won't be long and we will be decorating eggs for Easter. Your mandala eggs are sweet.

  8. this is now my favorite too. you made the circles so imperfectly perfect...

  9. Ohhh...love your blue spring egg mandala!!! Very swirly!!!

  10. MMMm such refreshing watery serene color! :)

  11. hi marianne!
    oh these are fabulous!
    we are getting our first blizzard of the year today. :)


  12. Wow! All so uniqque....!
    I love the sliver white star here becuase of its simplicity and clean & fresh feeling!
    You are the queen of Mandala


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