Friday, March 6, 2009


See how you can win a print of this Mandala on Diana's new blog. Help her to help others. Help me, help people, help you! Kijk hoe je een print van deze mandala kunt winnen door Diana te helpen anderen te helpen. Op haar nieuwe blog: Help me, help people, help you!


  1. Your mandalas get more beautiful everyday!!!

  2. Your mandala is beee utiful. It won't be long and we will have lots of bees buzzing around.

  3. So wonderful how you are assisting Diana in her new project and with this lovely piece! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. All your mandalas are wonderfully beautiful.

  5. i couldn't open the link to diana, will try again later. pragtige mandala

  6. Hi SB,

    Oeps sorry the link was wrong....I have changed it now!

    Hope you all visit Diana!

  7. It's a lovely mandala and a wonderful cause. I love the heifer project! Her little bee prints are sweet as well, but yours don't come up as an option. Hmmm, a glitch perhaps?

  8. hi marianne!
    oh what a beautiful mandala!
    i just saw this post on a blog i follow and thought of you...

  9. Hi Marianne, I've been to the beeee site. I need to top up my paypal then I'll make a donation. Your bee mandala is bee-autiful. I'd love to swap ATCs with you by the way. email me? We'll need addresses. I put a photo of one of my 'odd shaped papier mache' pieces on my blog, just for you!!


  10. marianne, do you know the song 'the great mandela' by peter, paul and mary?

    it's an apt title for every mandela you create...

  11. Hi Lolo,
    maybe it will later.........I told Diana she could use it for her cause.

    Hi Melissa thanks, and for the link!

    Hi Gina,
    Great! and I have send you my address!

    Hi KJ,
    I have been looking for the song but couldn´t find it..... Only the lyrics. No I didn´t know this song, but now you have made me curious.......

  12. Fijne dag op de Hiswa het is lekker weer er voor(Nat).
    Ga met Pa naar zijn zus in Hengelo .

    PS. het is Beaudor,geen Bea....

  13. Ohhh, this is a beautiful mandala, Marianne! I will try to see what happens in getting over the Diana's blog to see about it!

    My apologies for not being around a you know things have been very busy for me.!

    This is lovely!

  14. Really beautiful piece.
    Spectacular colourful tret:)


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