Friday, March 13, 2009

Orange Flower Mandala

Today I have been busy buying things for my mother. We had dinner at Ronald's (Per's friend), who is a very good cook. After dinner my brother and I went to my Mom's former apartment to pack some things. Tomorrow we will rent a van and will move some furniture. I have been staying here in Rotterdam for 2 days, I hope by the end of tomorrow I can go back home and return monday to move my Mom. I hope to visit your blogs Sunday, now I will go to bed, it is late and tomorrow we will start early........ Vandaag heb ik spullen voor mijn moeder gekocht. Gegeten bij Ronald, de vriend van Per, die heel goed kan koken. Na het eten zijn mijn broer en ik naar mijn ouders huis gegaan en hebben wat spullen ingepakt. morgen huren we een bus en verhuizen we wat meubeltjes, veel kan niet want het is een stuk kleiner. Ik ben al 2 dagen en nachten in Rotterdam, ik hoop dat ik morgen naar huis kan. Maandag moet ik terug om mijn moeder te verhuizen.


  1. This is a very sweet Mandala Marianne. Do not concern yourself with my blog, at least, as I see you have your hands full with mom and helping her in important matters! You'll come by when you can. Try not to wear yourself out.

  2. Beautiful loose mandala Marianne. I wish you luck with getting your Mother moved and settled into her new place. Take care, don't work too hard.

  3. Lovely powerful orange.

    Take care of yourself and mom too. My mom is starting to get into trouble and it's got me worried, but I'll be down with her later this week.

    You take care!!

  4. so glad you can help your mom to get settled.
    and you have made changes to your blog, love them.
    kyk op my blog vir n nuwe 'award' vir jiu my 'suster'. liefs en wfs.

  5. Hope all is going well - sounds like your weekend is a busy one. Take care,Lisa

  6. oh wow Marianne!!! this is beautiful....Cole just painted a watercolour the other day and he used a lot of orange and purple...this would look wonderful beside his painting!!!


  7. I can't get over how VIBRANT this one is!!! Wow!

    It's so nice you're able to help your mom. You're a wonderful daughter!


  8. It's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Beautiful little shiny accent in flower blossoms:)


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