Thursday, April 30, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#10)

(Sarah, Koekie and Droppie with their summer haircuts) Still in time for Animal Wednesday..... Just arrived in Panama. In Holland it is way past my bedtime, but here the evening has just started.
I have had a long day behind me and I really long to go to sleep.......
We decided that Sarah and Pomme will stay with us permanently. To be locked up there in one small room is a bad idea and my Mom can't really take care of them anymore......... She doesn't ask for them and is happy to see them when she comes over, so I guess it is alright. Sarah spends a lot of time in the garden and Pomme, who hasn't been outside in 10 years enjoys sunny weather outside again. She stays on the terrace where she feels save. She has lost some weight and walks a bit better, so all in all I think it is better to leave them now where they are. (pictures taken earlier this week) Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Your animal family has grown Marianne. They make a nice compliment to your home. You are a good daughter taking care of Mom's pets. I hope you enjoy this tour of duty. HAW.

  2. How nice your moms kitties can stay with you! Wonderful!!!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks, this is my first time here in Panama city. I have been in Panama 30 years ago in a place called Almirante with a refrigerator ship........
    indeed the animal family has grown, while we intended to bring the number back, but fortunately the increasing number didn't disturb the harmony in the group, so that made our decision easy. Sjimmie is the only young and male we have, the rest are old ladies..........

    Hi Julie,
    yes , but it is good to see that they are adapting so well and enjoying the garden.

  4. Hi there M - glad to see your animals getting along and enjoying the sunshine. HAW to you and them (better late than never)
    Enjoy Panama city, it must be so interesting there, but be careful of the FLU!!!

  5. Everyone looks like they are happily settling in. You have such a kind heart, it is wonderful to see your pictures of your pets enjoying the sunshine and each other.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Marianne!!!

    These photos are so have one of the biggest hearts ever....and I am so thrilled to know you....


  7. The three animals in a diagonal line is a beautiful shot!

  8. Such cuties all lined up there! Hope you have a nice time away from home.

  9. Hi Marianne, I know all about this change from night to day.

    You are so sweet to add to your family this way and I know everyone (including the cats) appreciate it.

    Take care.


  10. Hi Mim,
    thanks, when I arrived here yesterday and saw all those respiratory protection devices I got a little scared but I think itś better not to panic. panama is close to mexico, but on the other hand there is no escaping. In my profesion I have more change of catching something. I will try to avoid risks.......

    Hi Lisa!
    My dogs know the 2 ladies since they were small, so the cats are very fond of the dogs and the other way around.....

    Thanks Diana , they is always room in my heart for animals.......and I am happy to know you too!

    Hi Cori Lynn,
    Welcome! yes I liked this picture too.

    Hi Teri!
    still traveling?
    I have been awake half of the night but fell asleep later again.
    I am sitting on my balcony now ejoying the warmth......
    There is no sun, clouded but a nice temperature

  11. What lucky animals they are, they look so happy and so cute. Well done you for taking care of them. Wow, Panama. You must buy a hat!!


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