Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gifts from dear friends!

TeeHee!!!! this was my absolute favorite! And now it is mine!
Soulbrush sent me 3 ATC's!!!!
Thanks Soulbrush!
They are fabulous, like you!
I also got a few awards lately:
This one from Yoon See!
Thanks dear!
This wonderful award I got twice;
and from Diana
this one is from Diana as well
Thank you dear, the appreciation is mutual!
I am just not so good at choosing a few friends from my bloglist and following the rules attached to the awards, so consider yourself nominated! Because I know whoever is reading this right now is a dear friend or a blogvisitor well appreciated!
PS: And Thanks Lolo for this charming award!


  1. I love the ATCs you got from Soul too! Aren't we lucky?

    Thanks for including me in the award giving! ;-)

  2. Soul's cards are great! So full of flavor! Congrats on all the awards too...Well deserved! :)

  3. Great ATCs... lovely add-ons to a growing collection. =)
    Enjoy your awards, they are well deserved.

  4. lovely gifts and deserving awards.

  5. Congrats, you deserve all the awards you get!!

    Soul's got some fabulous ATC's! Love them.

  6. Oh you do deserve those awards, that's for sure. Lovely aTCs from Soulbrush, I had some too!

  7. Nice Soul B ATC's! I love mine too! She is a sweettiepiesugarmuffin!!!!!

  8. I had a feeling SB would get hooked on atc's if I sent some to her! I love her stlye. Lucky got some beauties!!

    I leave my awards on my blog like you do. I like to pass them along to everyone too! The "Life's A Breeze" one was there for you as well as the "Renee Award." Be sure to go back and take the one you don't have ;)

    I mailed you a letter yesterday! Look for a pretty envelope :)


  9. marianne, do you know that emily rabbit is telling everyone she is your best friend? i'm not sure her motives are pure.


  10. This is one fruitful day for you dear Marianne. Awards and ATC all made your day special!


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