Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Mandala (#6)

The 6th circle: 1 red snake, the Ouroboros ; the snake biting or swallowing its own tail is a powerful symbol of infinity, and also of universal nature, of completion, perfection and totality, the endless round of embodied existence.
It also represented unity born out of the joining of opposites. The snake eats itself and feeds itself simultaneously. It kills itself and rejuvenates itself, moving forward only to return to where it began.
De 6e cirkel; de rode slang, de Ouroboros, een symbool van oneindigheid en vernieuwing.
Have a nice weekend!
Prettig weekend!


  1. Marvelous finish for your mandala Marianne. It is so colorful and meaning fulll.. I know you don't "do" Easter but I hope the Easter Bunny brings you chocolate anyway. Happy Weekend.

  2. Oh, that poor snake!!!

    Nice mandala, for sure...very meaningful and that adds to much!!!

  3. meaningful mandala, marianne. thanks for sharing with us.

    happy easter to you and your family.

  4. I recognize that guy! I love having similarities in our mandalas ;)

    What are you doing this weekend? have you finished the fence?

    I'm starting to get some good ideas for your painting! I can't even find time to do Illustration friday yet. This is a busy weekend!

    Sending love..

  5. It is so fascinating to see the building of this gentle yet strong...Lovely! :)

  6. ek geniet dit baie om te sien hoe jy dit gedoen het, net soos jy my gewys het hoe jy myne gemaak het. dit is so spesiaal marianne, ek hoop jy gaan dit in jou huis hang.liefs en wfs.

  7. oh wow Marianne....I love it I love all of your fab work!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful Easter...



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