Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

I am always happy when I get an award but this one is very special; The Uplifting Blogger Award. designed and given to me by Lolo. I am honored that my name was on her list! Here is what it means: This award goes to fellow bloggers who visit frequently and raise my spirits with their kind words of encouragement, their beautiful images and their wonderful outlook on life. They make blogging a positive experience and continue to make my life richer. Please feel free to pass this award along to your friends. I ask that you do name them but you don't have to link to them. Just stop by their blogs and let them know you've given them this award. Here are my recipients in no particular order. Thanks to all of you who raise me up! xox Lots of my blogfriends were already mentioned but I add these in no particular order: Marja Muktha Diana Melissa Lisa M Griffin Kelly Kim Vic BT Mary and last but not least Emily I think I saw everyone else who is on my blog roll on Lolo's list. Hope I didn't leave anyone out, because you all make blogging fun and an uplifting experience for me!!!! Thanks Lolo! for this beautiful and meaningful award!


  1. You are more than welcome my friend! I keep noticing a tiny black dot on the painting. Now that I'm seeing it on everyone's blog it must mean it was on my scanner :(
    Oh well...makes it more special!

    Happy Thursday my friend.

  2. What a beautiful award - you flatter me with this and your kind words, especially since I feel this way towards you as well. You have been a constant presence to my blog and always pick me up even when I feel like throwing all my pencils out the window. Thank you for this and please know that the feeling is mutual. =)

  3. congrats on the award. so sorry but that light pink lettering is hard to see.

  4. oh! well! hello marianne! it's me, emily! i can't believe what you are giving me. i asked kj how much that mandela is worth and she said it is priceless. i think i will charge her $ 50 and i know she will pay it. this is why you are my best friend. oh, did i tell you that you are my best friend, marianne? do you want to be? i wouldn't mind.

    thank you very much. i may ask for $60.

    emily rabbit

    ps oh, i think you forgot to give me this blogger award. you can give it to me later.


  5. everyone:

    the 'last but not least' award for emily is for ME, emily rabbit!!!!!

    that's MY award! if anyone would like to rent it it is available for $3 a week. but you can't keep it because marianne gave it to me and i like it because she is my friend and is always nice to me, unlike some other people who don't give me enough attention and don't compliment me enough.

    thank you marianne. i like this even though you forgot to give it to me and had to add me at the end. i will still give you something too. i'm thinking about it.


  6. notice: emily rabbit is using my computer and my avatar and she does not have permission.

  7. Hi Marianne!!! you are as sweet as they come...I was just thinking about you as Cole and I watched a show about the tulip gardens in the!!!

    thank you for being so kind!!!

  8. Congrats Marianne:)
    You really deserve this and it's very meaningful to you:)
    It's very hard decision to pass on this beautifulaward. And you have made a great choice.


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