Sunday, April 12, 2009

The making of...........

As most of you already know I have painted a mandala for my dear friend Laurel (Studio Lolo)

Here you can see the mandala step by step!

It was a pleasure to paint this one, Laurel has very special numbers in het birthmandala, she has 2 masternumbers. I think it has turned out wonderful but that´s no surprise since Lolo is such a special person , to all of us and to every animal who needs her help.

If you want to read more about the meaning of this mandala please visit Lolo's blog, who made a wonderful post about her mandala.

I have been very busy the last few days and still will be the next 2 days, I have been visiting your blogs but had no time to leave comments, but I will next week or later today........

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Zoals jullie bijna allemaal wel weten heb ik een mandala geschilderd voor mijn lieve vriendin Laurel (from Studio Lolo)

In deze video kun je de mandala stap voor stap zien !

Ik heb met veel plezier gewerkt aan de mandala van Laurel, ze heeft er 2 meestergetallen in. Heel bijzonder, maar dat verbaasde me niet echt, Lolo is een heel bijzonder mens. Voor ons allemaal , maar ook voor alle dieren die haar hulp nodig hebben.

Als je meer wilt weten over de betekenis van haar mandala klik dan hier. Lolo heeft op haar blog een mooie post over haar mandala gemaakt.

Ik heb het nogal druk gehad de laatste dagen en weinig kunnen bloggen, ik heb wel op jullie blogs gekeken, maar geen tijd gehad om commentaar te geven, dat doe ik later vandaag of deze week.......

Een Vrolijk Pasen iedereen!


  1. happy easter marianne!
    oh that mandala is beautiful!
    i love your video! how did you make that with the beautiful transitions?


  2. Hi Melissa!

    I made it in Windows Movie Maker ,was installed on my pc.
    And the transitions are in that program

    Happy Easter!
    Love Marianne

  3. OMG you are amazing!! I personally can't get enough of this mandala ;)
    This was a pleasant image to wake up to this morning!

    Happy Easter, dear friend.

    P.S. Perfect song to hear for a mandala that went to California!

  4. What a great mandala and a wonderful presentation. To see it step by step really helped me to focus on the intricacy of the work, and to pay attention to all the elements!

  5. forgive my language:

    ohmysweetjesus! marianne, this is just amazing. how wonderful to look at step-by-step. amazing.

    and since i am privileged to count laurel as one of my dearest friends, that fact makes all this all the more special.

    this ranks among my very favorite posts in blogland, ever.

    thank you, happy easter, lots of love to you

  6. Absolutely amazing. I could not get over how each element came up one by one. So beautiful and your art is awesome to behold. Love the gold!!!! Beautiful the whole thing.
    Wow Wow Wow!!!!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the process.

    Happy Easter!

  8. ek sal more die video kyk, gaan nou bed toe, voel baie moeg. liefs en wfs.

  9. One word "WOW!"
    I just love seeing your process, it is stunning. what a beautiful piece you have created.
    Thanks for sharing, hope you had a great weekend.

  10. this is GREAT! how do you do the mandala"s? Pencil first, then paints? they are so precise and wonderful!


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