Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#9) / Earth Day 2009

Happy Animal Wednesday!
( ATC April 22 2009)
Eén dag per jaar staan we stil hoe we bij kunnen dragen aan het mileu en het welzijn van de aarde................

One video makes you happy and filled with hope , the other depressed and afraid of the future......

Choose hope over fear.

Happy Earth Day 2009!


  1. I absolutely love your tributes to earth day. The kitties say it all, be good to our earth. I hope you have a wonderful Earth Day Marianne. I know you are working hard. Peace.

  2. What a terrific, beautiful and touching post. Have a wonderful Earth Day!

  3. I choose HOPE! Happy Earth Day!!! Lovely ATC's! Very creative and beautiful, Marianne!!!

  4. wonderful work!!! I love this post...I have to update my post to include my Earth day piece...

    I’m hosting a postcard giveaway at my blog! You can enter to win 250 of your custom printed postcards to promote your work….pop by!!!

  5. First, the silver sparkles coming off the earth in the first drawing looks like it's actually moving! Wow.

    Such a good and important message you are sharing here today. I hope it makes everyone who sees it think, and act in important earth saving ways! Thank you!

    Please resend me your email...I couldn't use it before. Perhaps there is a missed letter???

  6. What a beautiful and inspirational post Marianne! Love the videos!

    Happy Earth Day to you!

  7. VERY goog post! I love the kittens

  8. Hope brings Joy,and I love life so.....

  9. These are so beautiful - and everyone is right, what a great message. I didn't even remember that it was Earth day - and I remember the very first one! I was in NYC and attended a rally - wow - that was a long time ago.

    HAW and HED to you and all

  10. Really beautiful as was the post, write-out and pictures illustrated.

  11. My computer has a weak signal today :(
    I'll come back and try to see the videos later.

    The ATC;s are wonderful with a great message for us all !

    HAW and Happy Earth Day to you, a friend of the Universe ;)


  12. What a touching post today...everything is top notch! Happy Earth day to you Marianne! :)

  13. ohmygod, marianne, that first drawing is magical. i love what you did with the glitter. you are so talented.

    guess what arrived in my mailbox? unbelievable. the cards are so vibrant and beautiful that i can't imagine what the originals could possibly look like. except: you sent me an original ATC and i must tell you i adore and treasure it. thank you so much, marianne.

    ps emily keeps talking about you. she thinks you might want to go on vacation with her....


  14. oh so perfect as always Marianne!!!

    Thank you for including this at Daily Art Stop!!!


  15. ek het vergeet dit is earth day... mooi katjie. HAW liefling.

  16. Love the kitten holding the earth. Happy Earth Day. =)

  17. Absolutely right, Marianne: choose hope over fear! Thanks for a beautiful post.

  18. Marvellous post. I love the cats, especially the sparkly one. ATCs? I choose hope.


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