Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#8)

Two old ladies enjoying the sunshine and each others company.
Minoes (at the left) is about 15 years old. I got her from the shelter 6 years ago.
Spook is about 10 years old. I came across an add on the internet 2 years ago, the owners were looking for another home for her because of allergy problems of the kids. I drove to the other side of Holland to get her.
They are such gentle spirits, so different to Sjimmie who is a real cat. Minoes and Spook are Sacred Birmans, I love this breed.
You don´t need to buy cats, a rescue cat is just as sweet. I think there are many advantages in taking a grown up animal, they are housebroken and they don´t destroy so much........
These two ladies have never killed anything in their stay with us.
Sjimmie caught his first mouse this morning and he killed a coot a while ago, he loves to bring worms inside.................
We call him the Black Chicken Murderer!
Sjimmie is fun, but he destroyed 8 leather dining chairs and our curtains (amongst others). It took quite some time before he was housebroken, strange for a cat........... he peed in every basket in the house even in the laundry basket.
If you want a cat, and who doesn´t, they are the most fascinating animals on earth, please visit your local shelter, they even have little black devils like Sjimmie, but wonderful old sweethearts as well!
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Oh my, your cats are georgous and funny too. I love the photo as they look so pristine in the formal chair. And then you go on to tell their stories and adventures! I am laughing. At least our Henry V only tears up newspapers and paperbags! Oh he gets into my fabic stashes and makes nests there...and he has done his share of bird and mouse catching/killing! No worms that I know of... funny animals indeed!

  2. PS WE did get Henry V at an animal shelter too!

  3. hulle is wonderlik. ek sal nooit n kat kry, maar ek hou om joune to sien. liefs en wfs.

  4. Bless you for giving the shelter animals some attention and for giving so many of them a home.
    You have a big heart! Look how happy your kitties are...and so beautiful!
    Minoes looks like my cat, Bliss. She's a rescue too ;)

    HAW my friend!!

  5. Wat een deftige dametjes en ja Sjimmie is gewoon een Rebel....
    Nou ons spook heeft vandaag zijn eerste vangst gedaan a Frog (beetje fransman toch).
    Ben zo blij met de Banner had geeneens gezien dat hij te groot is.

  6. Seeing your little old ladies all relaxed like this made me want to grab a cup of tea and sit down with them. Great post Marianne. Happy Animal Wendesday.

  7. you are the sweetest your cute animals...


  8. Beautiful kittys! The ladies look so relaxed and happy and Sjimmie looks like he's planning something.

  9. Awe...great post about your babies! They are all so sweet!!!
    My favorite is The Black Chicken Murderer!!! His eyes are awesome!

    My Baby Cat is 10 years old now...rescued when he was about 6 weeks old. My sugar kitty!!!

  10. Your kitties are adorable, and one more adventurous than the other 2 so it seems :) I too have a kitty from the shelter. He's mellow, sweet and talkative.. we love him!

    Enjoy the Spring!

  11. Those 2 cats are gorgeous. Well doen you for rescuing them. As for the black one, what can I say? Our black and white cat BlackJack, has been known to pee in the wrong places. My son and daughter in law have a ginger tom who will pee anywhere, especially in the laundry!

  12. And here I thought Sjimmie was such a gentle sweetie..NOT!! I knew he wasn't, he just has the devil in his eyes.

    The other two are so elegant. Talk about opposites.

  13. So fluffy cats. I love them in pair.
    Sjimmie is always so adorable, well behave and on the look out for some cool adventures!


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