Sunday, April 5, 2009

Give Away!

I thought it would be a fun to let Sjimmie do the picking, but Sjimmie thought differently. For one moment he had one paper ball in his was Amelie's
So we called in Minoes, who normally is very interested in paper swabs but no.........
Koekie came to the rescue, but no..........
Come on girls!
Finally I called Felix and Pieter who was here for a sleepover and they got to pick each one.
Pieter picked Soulbrush and Felix Margaret!
So Amelie, Soulbrush and Margeret please visit my Etsy Store and let me know which one I can send you!


  1. yipppeeeee, ek was so verbaas, weer gewen.dis nou die derde keer hierdie jaar, en voor dit, nooit iets gewen nie. yippppeeee.mag ek asseblief die 'energy' een kry, dit sal so goed gaan met my tafelberg en rooi harte...baie dankie pieter.baie liefs en wfs en ook vir my koekie en sjimmie en droppie en felix en almal! yahoo.

  2. Congtratulations girls!! You will LOVE these cards!


  3. P.S. Marianne, the top photo is stunning!! It's so hard to see Sjimmie. Wow!


  4. oh how fun marianne!

    happy sunday!


  5. such an amazing adventure of picking...

  6. Very inventive of you Marianne!
    congrats to the winners.

    But I was swooning over Sjimmie, he is so elegant!!

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  8. OOOOH Yea! I am sooo to your esty store right now!

    You must tell Felix that my grandfather, on my mother's side, was named Felix...I must have had a magical connection to the lucky draw! WooHoo! LOL :)

    And also...Sorry...The delete above was me...I got so excited I hit send before I went back for a spell check...LOL :)

  9. Yeah...congrats to the winners!!!

  10. MArianne...I love all of them... but "Aum" and "Notecard Jeanette" are my two faves...I will let you choose and surprise me! Just visiting here is a prize in itself!


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