Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cats & or Dogs

This one is for Wednesday challenge, cats and dogs on Diana's Daily Art Stop .
I wanted to create something, but I guess I won't have time anymore.
Tomorrow I have to work and will be back on Tuesday.
But this mandala fits the theme I guess.
I used this mandala in my very first post.
Enjoy your weekend!
Deze mandala is voor het thema van Diana's Daily Art Stop .
I wilde wel iets maken, maar het is er niet van gekomen en morgen ga ik al weer werken.
Ben dinsdag terug!
Deze mandala past wel bij het thema dacht ik.
De mandala van mijn allereerste post!
Geniet van het weekend!


  1. ja dit pas baie wel. ek het gewonder wanneer jy weer werk. hoop dit gaan goed daar bo in die lug. liefs en wfs.

  2. Thts very pretty:) You do it with excellent symmetry.Great!

    I've posted Pay It Forward in my blog. Wanted to let you know. I am eager to find out what I am going to get from you:)

  3. Marianne this is a pretty mandala. I love cats too so it speaks to me.
    I have no takers thus far for Pay it forward so if you get too many let them know I am playing too please. Thanks. Have a good trip.

  4. I must not have known you wehn you posted this before. I'm glad to see it now!!

    Don't work too hard Marianne. I think you need some time off!


  5. i love this marianne. i always love the rings upon rings you add.

    hope you don't work too hard. while you're working, i'll be falling into my weekend.


  6. Ha Soul,
    Ik had het je verteld......ergens.
    en het gaat vast goed in de lucht, ik hoop alleen daar ook!

    Hi Deepa,
    So nice of you to join!!!!!
    Yes it will be a surprise. I can tell you I won´t bake anything , although I think the idea is hilarious!!!!!

    Oh Lynn, I wanted to react to but just like you said at Soul´s I had no idea what to do then.... post another pay forward......
    I commented on Diana´s blog and I don´t want to look greedy (I am really) to leave comments on all the ones...........
    But don´t worry you will get comments.

    Dear lolo,
    it was my first post, I had no readers then.........
    Guess like with all of us when we just started.
    that´s why it is fun to repost old things.

    have a nice weekend to all of you!

  7. Lieverd,take care in the air.

  8. A great mandala Marianne. It shows your love of cats.

  9. Hi Marianne!!! I am so happy that you submitted this to Daily Art Stop!!! you are always so inspiring and such a wonderful friend....thank you for always being so supportive and sweet....

    I have an award for pop by when you have a chance!!


  10. Wonderful kitty mandala. It looks like Sjimmie!

  11. Gorgeous! Lovely work with sweet details. Thanks for sharing... and speaking of Diana, great minds think alike. I have an award for you on my blog as well. =)

    Happy Monday.

  12. It is a beauty! I am happy to see it all over again. Never can get enough of beautiful art.

  13. It is so beautiful and elegant.
    I really love how you have incorporated the golden outter frame making it such a great success:)

  14. What a gorgeous mandala it is. I hope you're not worn out with all that work. Nigeria? How exciting.


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