Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#19)

L= for Luna Moth This moth is fascinating! Want to know more, look here. Want to see more , look here

Here is a fun factI found on this blog

This Lunamoth (actias luna) seems the zen-kind of fellow, looking remarkably like a green Ganesh, the Indian elephant god and protector from all evils. The Luna moth actually has two equally long wing tips but this one is missing one, making it look all the more like an elephant trunk. That plus the half-closed eye spots and the tuft of white (hair) at the top – Its habitat is North America from Ontorio to northern Mexico and the warmer the climate, the longer their life span (minimum seven days) and the more generations (one to three) per year.

This Luna Moth already flew to Teri and will spend the rest of his week there.

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Interesting! Luna moths are so beautiful, but I had never noticed the resemblance to Ganesh before. Now I will always remember that.

  2. What a beautiful creature. You captured it wonderfully.

  3. Such a soft and gentle piece..."L" is also for LOVELY!

  4. so beautiful! hope you are having a wonderful trip

  5. delicate etherial took a min to see Ganesh but then i did.

  6. speaking of flying, ms. marianne...provincetown?

  7. was your trip to Sweden? It sounds so exotic! I hope you got some authentic Swedish pancakes while there!!! You are getting so freeflowing and working "outside the circle" with your mandalas lately...I just love the gorgeousness of them!


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