Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#16)

Hi this is Sjimmie and I just want to say that I am thankful my family is back and the dog Diesel is gone! I am king of my castle again!


  1. Oh, Sjimmie...I am so happy for you! I feel the same way around my house right now with all of these strange people in here...that little boy and baby...yikes! It is too much for me! They will be moving out this week and I will be queen of my house once again!!!
    Snuggles and barks...Doozey

  2. hello sjimmie, ek is ook so bly dat daardie diesel is nou weg. jy is n baie mooi groot kat, en ek onthou toe jy net n klen katjie was...leifs en wfs vir jou en koekie en droppie en jou mama.

  3. Hello Sjimmie, I am so glad you are back in your routine of quiet living. I am a little nervous right now. My Mom and Dad are racing around straightening the house. This usually means we are having company. I hope this is what it means and not that they are leaving on a trip. You see, they also clean right before a trip so the house is spic and span when they return. Cheers, Luna

  4. Sjimmie, so glad you came out of hiding!
    let me tell you a secret. Your mom is as glad to be back with you as you are to have her back ;)

  5. Marianne, your cats are so beautiful.
    Both of them...such a contrast between the deep black and the colorful calico. I wouldn't know who to pet first. Henry V says hi.

  6. Ca va? Kan de tekst niet krijgen hier maar uit de reacties vat ik op dat het zwarte monster weg was zo ja glad he' 's back ! Bisous ici tres chUd maïs pas trop just40 a bientot

  7. Hi Julie!
    Yes pets are at their best in their daily routine, no strange animals or litle kids.....

    Hi Soul!
    kleine katjes worden groot......
    Koekie en Droppie zijn lang zo gek nog niet......

    Oh Luna this all sounds so awful familiar......

    Hi Lo,
    Think you are right!

    Hi Lynn,
    You better pet Sjimmie first.
    Although Troelie looks nice and has no teeth she is still unpredictable...... She is a sight for a sore eye though, but don't let looks decieve you!

    Hoi Mar,

    Ja het zwarte monster was 10 dagen niet te zien, maar weer helemaal terug and king of his castle again!

    Hi Margaret!
    Hope you are enjoying your trip and the cool weather

    Hi Mim,
    He sure is!


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