Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweden day #5 & 6 & 7

with Anna and Anton
My son Lars had his birthday on the 6yh of August. We went to Liseberg , which is a big amusement park in the centre of Göteborg, with Anna and Anton. Pages from my journal and some of his gifts. He loves Ed Hardy...................
On Friday we stayed home to swim and enjoy the surroundings of our home. We climbed up the mountain behind our house.
The boys hoisted the Swedish flag.
The vieuw from above.
The little creek at the bottom.
In the afternoon we went to Stenungsund to do some shopping. (Lars with his new sunglasses) And enjoy the place.
On Saturday we left Götrborg with the Stenaline to Kiel. It was a beautiful week and I felt sad leaving


  1. Oh gosh, I know you were sad to leave such a gorgeous place and such fun surrounded by love!!! What a great two journal pages. Ed Hardy is pretty cool!

  2. Beautiful pictures..and who doesn't love Ed Hardy. I wish I had the guts to get a pair of his sneakers.

  3. Such a beautiful place! You look sunny and tanned and healthy. Maybe relaxing does that to folks!

    I'm glad you had a nice time even though it was hard to leave :(


  4. there is that lovely pic with you and the boys, and your hair flowing round your shoulders, such a pretty colour. xxxhope you are feeling less tired.

  5. I have been so behind in checking out everyone's site. I did a bit of catching up on yours and you have had an amazing time in Sweden I see!!! Love seeing all the photos, hearing about the family and places in their lives. You not only have created but received some remarkable art. I must confess my sadness at lacking the time to be a part of the ATC trading. I am not giving up, I WILL get some done for I desire to send one to all of my bloggy friends!!! I loved your 'mandala' food order...funny!!! Hope your son had a happy birthday, looks as if he old is he? Hope to be back sooner rather than later!

  6. Thanks Julie!
    I think so to.....

    O come on Mim!
    I have an Ed Hardy hoody!

    Thanks Lolo!
    I sure did relax there, and I have such a good feeling about this holiday.....

    Hi Soul,
    I already told you the secret of my hair in a mail......
    I feel quite ok, maybe I just have to get back in my working routine.....

    Have a nice weekend all!

  7. Hi AU,

    My son turned 15! Big boy eh!

  8. I feel so out of it. I don't know who Ed Hardy is. I love those sneakers though. I also love seeing your travel journal. It looks like you have has such fun on your holiday.

  9. Such happy times here...I am a big fan of Ed Hardy art too...Just bought my twin neices Ed Hardy back to school things...sweet little tropical skulls! LOL :)

  10. oh my gosh!

    your vacation is so beautiful. i love all of your posts and your paintings are just amazing!

    your journal is a treasure!

  11. Thank you for sharing such beautiful travel shots with us Marianne.
    Happy belated birthday to your son, he looks so handsome.
    pls. tell him that I say so!


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