Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mandala for Anna!

I did this mandala for Anna, my dear sister from Sweden! It is a watercolor with micron pen, embellished with glitter and stones. ( 20 x 29 cm / 8 x 11,5") To me it looked like an Indian rug..... And for you? (pre post) By now we will be in Sweden. We will take the boot from Kiel to Göteborg and will arrive here in the morning. I will see my niece Anna first and have lunch there. And will give her this mandala. I will post pictures from our holiday when we are back or whenever I get the chance. Have a nice Sunday!


  1. This mandala is fablous. I love the intricate patterns and sparkles. It could very well be a pattern in a rug. I hope you are having a great time on vacation.

  2. Oh my, it's so detailed!!!!
    it's beautiful Marianne!

    I hope your holiday is off to a wonderful start :)

  3. it is magical. ove the colours and i know anna will too. hope the trip went well.

  4. Marianne, she will love this. You have infinite patience to get just the right amount of glitter and stones in place. To me it is a beautiful painting! You amaze!

    What is "the boot"? A train perhaps? We give someone the boot when we are kicking them out, firing them from a job! Funny!

    Wishing you a wonderful family gathering and vacation.

  5. Marianne, this is just gorgeous and I'm sure your sister will adore it. I agree, it reminds me of an asian rug too.

    I hope the boot doesn't sink!! I hope it doesn't have too many lace holes in it! Lol, have a wonderful holiday my friend.

  6. Each ring is more spectacular than the next...What a treasure for sure!

    Enjoy you holiday...Mail form the desert whould be there upon your return home...Yours arrived noon on Saturday...Simply beautiful as always! I will feature it on Thursday...Hugs!

  7. It' beautiful and sparkly and wonderful!!!

  8. Oh, I just found this post about your neice being in Sweden! How wonderful is that? Lucky her to get this beautiful mandala! I love the pink!


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