Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweden day #3 & 4

ATC (I'll keep this one for myself) from our view
the view
On Tuesday we went to Orust, the island where my uncle Eskil and aunt Ulla have their summer house. We had a lovely dinner there. Here is Molly with a huge frog ! Later she found a huge bug (we don't have these sizes around here....) and put it on Eskil's head. (the animals were all put gently back in nature) My DH with Eskil
Anna and I.
day #4 Page from my journal. Beautiful sunny weather. This day we strewed my Father's ashes.
As a child I visited this cemetery once a year to visit the grave of my grandfather and later my grandmother. This trip I found out it is a family grave. The first wife of my grandfather is also burried there. And my Aunt May-Stina, how special is that! The grave of Carl Severin Carlson, a complicated story with those names. I should have been called Anderson (he left out that name) but I got his first name Severin as my last name. Eskil said his last "adjö" to his brother.............He couldn't come to the cremation in Holland because of his health. My brothers and their partners Pauline and Ronald, came from Holland. My dear cousin Mariëtte was there too, who couldn't come to Holland in January.It was just see those ashes? Just like rays of sunshine.................. Before we went to Starrkärr we went to Nol , to visit my grandparents house. We took a picture on the stairs, just like we always did years ago when they were still alive.
After our ceremony we went to our place and had a nice get together. It was just a perfect day!
I ordered this Smörgås tårta (looks like a mandala to me....) Have a nice day!


  1. Your vacation looks grand. I am so enjoying seeing all you did and meeting your family and friends. What a beautiful place. The ATC with the view is wonderful, no wonder you want to keep it. Now you are also eating mandalas. ;)

  2. oh my gosh marianne!

    what an amazing vacation! your journal entries and atc's are amazing!

    so inspiring!


  3. I loved reading of this ceremony for your dad, the gravestones, the old family home. How wonderful so many of your family came. Very moving. Blessings, suki

  4. Oh Marianne you bring tears to my eyes with this post. The spreading of the ashes is so poignant. Yes the ray of them is beautiful to see.
    Your journal pages/art is terrific and delightful. Thanks for pointing out that the bug was on uncle's head, I am not sure I would have realized that. It made me laugh.
    So sweet to see you and all your family together, young and old. And old times standing on grandparents front porch steps. My heart felt it all. Thank you for sharing this very special time with us.

  5. What a remarkable post...I sit here in the public library using their wireless internet access...sniffling and in total tears...what a truly beautiful and touching post! Hugs to you!

  6. A day filled with such emotion and captured so well for all of us. Thank you for sharing.

    You look wonderful and relaxed! And you even eat food like mandalas!

    Nice to know you're home safe ;)


  7. This was such a special trip with the ashes strewn and all...visiting the cemetary, and visiting with relatives...all so wonderful! Looked like gorgeous weather too!

  8. I agree with all comments - a lovely post filled with family love.


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