Monday, August 17, 2009

Cactus Monday (#46)

Cactus Bloom ATC (not for trade) I just love these colors together............ Pre posted , I will be in Houston and not able to come and visit you today but I will later, for now: Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. This is a beauty Marianne. I love the luminous moon and the strong colors of the bloom. HCM.

  2. glorious (not houston|) this card. hcm and get some new awards on my blog.thanks for long e mail will reply soon, laughed when you described your day with two little kiddies..

  3. WOW Marianne, this is just gloriously beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Wow Marianne you've out did yourself, love the colors.


  5. Those colors are indeed glorious together and I love the texture of the white. Have a great day!

  6. Love the moon and colors. Have fun in Houston, USA. Judy

  7. So near and yet so be sure to let me know if you are ever traveling in the Bay it possible it could happen with your work?
    I'd hope for a weekend visit! ;-)

    Beautiful cactus bloom!!!!

  8. Magnificent Cactus Bloom looks so pretty against the texture of the white circle. Happy CM!

  9. i Love your cactus monday's marianne!

    :) m

  10. I love this beautiful mandala cactus blossom. I have never checked your site before but I will be sure to check back. HCM!

  11. You are always busy Marianne and you visited everyone's blog!
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving the most heartwarming comment marianne.
    Thank you and thank you.

    Happy Belated Cactus Monday and I hope I am not too late to say so.
    I am very impressed with this charming pink, yellow and red Mandala!
    Gorgeously beautiful!

  12. HOLD EVERYTHING!!!!! This is my all time favorite of favorites of yours!!!! ShaZammmmm!!!!! What a gem Marianne!!!!!:)


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