Saturday, August 22, 2009

Have a nice weekend!

Have a nice weekend all of you!!!!!


  1. Such a delicate beauty!

    (I finally mailed you a card today.)

  2. hearts to you too marianne

    lovely atc

    my weekend is going ever so well

    ceativity flowing



  3. I hope you are enjoying your weekend too. I sure I am. I have had the pleasure of having Teri and her husband Erv here in my garden. They couldn't stay long though. The weather cooled down here wonderfully. Your heart mandala is sweet.

  4. oragtig, en geniet jo naweek ook, nie te veel tennis nie...liefs en wfs.

  5. Pretty little love mandala!!!
    Hope your weekend is very nice also! We are just working on the kids apartment for probable move in tomorrow...we shall see... staying busy though, for sure!!!


  6. Jij ook een heeeel fijn weekend!!Hoewel het al voor meer dan de helft om is, niet minder gemeend. En dank je wel voor je bemoedigende woorden op mijn blog. Het is heerlijk zo veel reacties te krijgen. Ik put er echt kracht uit en het maakt me blij!

    Liefs uit Wissenkerke

  7. Wow! I love the zen red-pink setting here. And the beaming heart shape is so lovely.
    Marianne, I wish i have more time 48 hours a day. So that, I can be more active in commenting!
    I am just too tire lately, even though this week is my music holiday break.
    Evenmore busier than I thought!

    I really love it so much!


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