Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Day #1 (first page of my travel journal)
We drove from Zierikzee to Kiel where we arrived nicely in time to catch the boat (or shall I say boot? :)) We enjoyed the cruise To Göteborg. We had a nice dinner on board and a comfortable cabin with a view. I love this way of travelling! Next morning we arrived in Göteborg, rested and well fed with a lovely breakfast. We drove to Anna where we had lunch.
We arrived at our stuga later that day. The kids went for a swim directly. We had a rowing boat and canoe at our disposal, which we used every day. This is the view from our garden, which was lovely btw.
Here is a collaged picture. Click to enlarge This was our "Sommar Stuga".
On the water (and part of my journal)
The lake.


  1. hi marianne!
    oh my goodness! i love your photos and your paintings!
    what an amazing vacation with your family!

  2. What a great travel journal!! Is it a Moleskine? Everything looks perfect!

  3. oh how wonderful Marianne!!! that journal is wonderful....great work and great memories!!!


  4. Ooh meid wat hebben jullie genoten,dat springt gewoon v.d foto's af wanneer zien we de rest kan niet wachten.

  5. Thanks Melissa!!!
    did you notice Felix'shirt????

    Yes Teri it's a moleskine, a watercolor moleskine. It is a lovley book I only made a few pages, about the amount of days I was gone, but still it is a wonderful book. Maybe I just can take it along on my trips......

    Thanks Diana!
    Saw you had a mini vacation! Hope you had a wonderful time as well!

    Hoi Mar!
    Ik stuur je een link voor de foto's!

  6. die kinders word so groot nou, nie n verassing nie, en ek hou baie van jou journal, sal ons meer sien? liefs en wfs.

  7. I love your travel journal. I enlarged all the photos. It is just great. I can see why you wanted to go there it is beautiful.

  8. What an idyllic place to stay, Marianne! I would like to check in there all alone with no cell phone or TV...only art supplies and books!


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