Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#16)

Where shall I begin................ I uploaded the pictures in random order except for this mandala, which I got from Miriam who stayed in our house when we were in Sweden. Both Miriam and her husband had a good time here and our animals were well taken care off. Thank you so much Miriam!
I traded cards with Cynthia Peck. She has so much lovely ATC's! (see them at Flickr ) It was hard for me to choose 3. Click to enlarge and see how wonderful they are! Thanks Cynthia and also for the bonus card! They came together with this lovely Mary Engelbreit. Her art always makes me happy and I love this image! (I have it on an old calender I saved) Thanks Cyntia! It was a pleasure trading and getting to know you!
Do I need to introduce these ATC's? No, but for the ones from Mars, they are from Margaret! We all love her art! It is always a pleasure to trade with you!
Margaret put lots of goodies in the package for my birthday. She said the notecards and paper had my name all over them. I agree! The M and Mandalas!!!! They are gorgeous. The notecard has a shiny rhinestone, pity it doesn't show on the picture. Love the card too and the new Moo and business card. Thanks Margaret you are such a dear friend!
In Sweden I got this 3th vase from Anna. The other 2 she brought me earlier this year when she came for the cremation of my Father. I LOVE it. And 3 as a group is perfect. beside the vase she spoiled me rotten with all kind of wonderful gifts!
A late birthday gift from my dear friend Lolo. A perfect Frida bag! She knows I love her. And the ATC for the ABC trade I got her K= for Kahlo. Lucky me. Lovely >M< sticky notes, which I accidentally put in Margaret's pictures first. I feel so sorry and ashamed...... As a bonus the bliss card, which I totally love also! This card represents so much for me..... Thanks Lolo!
In this beautiful envelop, see al the added details!
came this load of goodies from Judy. We traded cards and together with her ATC's came this wonderful Chinese paper, card and bookmark. These captured the Chinese spirit so well, that I suspect Judy has been a Chinese lady in a former life......
And here are the cards! Aren't they lovely?! Thanks Judy!
I am so happy with Lisa's L= for Lion. I was in awe when I saw it first and so excited when I found out it was mine!!! No need to tell anyone that it looks better in person like all the artwork does. It is gorgeous and so is the notepaper by Marjolein Bastin, a dutch illustrator. her work is lovely and so inspired by nature.
Have to show you the inside of the envelop. It is so special. How can you throw this away? I won't. I am saving all these treasures in a special box. Thanks dear Lisa! Some of the mail arrived just before my holiday, other goodies were waiting for me when I returned and today I received an ATC from Soulbrush, which I can't show just yet....but how about this coupon! I really hope to see you soon ! And i will make sure I have this coupon with me!
and last but not least this wonderful award from Diana. made by the sweetheart and queen of cupcakes herself! I am honored you gave it to me! Thanks Diana! Just like Diana I like to start my day with coffee and visiting all my blogfriends! Right now I am far behind and trying to catch up but it seems I am not succeeding in my effort. I feel bad about it, but I hope you will all have patience with me.... I have been busy and tired after my holiday and I just have 2 more days off before I go to Houston. Hope to get back in my daily routine after that trip. Thanks everyone for being such dear blogfriends!


  1. You get so much because you give so much! What beautiful things to come home to.
    (It was me that gave you the little pink monogrammed pad, but I can see why it was put with the other M's!)

    I'll bet you have a magnificent book of all of your atc's!
    Welcome home dear friend ;)


  2. Wow...such a lot of beautiful heart felt gifts here. Wonderful art. And yes, some we recognize right off as the style is so apparent...I love that too.
    You are very deserving of all this good stuff, and again Happy Birthday!

  3. the bunny! the bunny!

    it might be my cousin angelina!

    xoxoxfrom: emily

  4. OMG I am so sorry Lolo!
    Put it in the wrong picture. Something happened what I have been afraid off; to mix things upp or to leave something out.
    I'm glad I was able to correct it.

    Thanks Lynn!
    Saw we all did a Thankful Thursday post! Love spreads around....

    Hi Emily!
    Does Angelina lives in Tennessee?
    I think so too she is just as cute as you!

  5. Goeie reis naar Houston pas goed op jezelf(zoals jij is er maar 1;-))).
    Knuffel van mij en Beaudor tot gauw.

  6. Goeie reis naar Houston pas goed op jezelf(zoals jij is er maar 1;-))).
    Knuffel van mij en Beaudor tot gauw.

  7. you are truely blessed with many friends and beautiful gifts and vases and pictures. Have a nice and hot time in Houston.

  8. You are so loved...and so loving... Hugs from the midwest just for you...Gorgeous goodies!!!

  9. Goodness gracious! How exciting to come home to all of those great surprises!!! All gorgeous!!!
    Love the vases Anna gave you! They are beautiful all together like that!

    I hope you are flying to the George Bush airport in Houston ...I love the restaurant Pappadeaux (sp?)...they have a great salad with shrimp and key lime dressing that is to die for. I always want to fly there just to spend a couple of days shopping and eating at that restaurant! My sister is going to meet me there one day just for that (she is in Dallas). Have fun!


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