Friday, September 26, 2008


This mandala I made a few years ago when our mandala group worked on the theme`"Autumn". I painted the background and put real leaves and chestnuts on top of it. Did you see Teri's leaf mandala? And her beautiful autumn leaves? (you have to scroll down after clicking the link) You really have to see them! Eye candy! Deze mandala heb ik een aantal jaren geleden gemaakt, toen we met onze mandala groep werkten aan het thema herfst. De achtergrond heb ik op papier geschilderd en daarop heb ik blaadjes van de wilde wingerd gelegd en kastanjes. Heb je Teri's blad mandala gezien? Of haar schitterend geschilderde herfstbladeren? (wel even naar beneden scrollen na het klikken van de link) Die moet je echt zien!


  1. Marianne,

    This is truly beautiful. I love the way you have used your painting and natural materials to create this beautiful mandala. The chestnuts (?) are tremendous. Do you still have this? I have heard you can dip autumn leaves in wax and they retain their color indefinitely. I also thought someone once told me glycerin worked, too, although I am not sure if you allow the leaves to absorb it or your coat the leaves with it. Have you done something like that?

    This is truly beautiful.

    Thanks Marianne!

  2. awesome... a mandala in 3D. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. =)

  3. It is just beautiful Marianne! I love the materials you used.

    Thanks for the compliment my friend.

  4. okay okay,this is the best one ever (except for the one you made for me) just jumps out of the page , magnificent.and teri's is a wow too! both of you are accomplished artists.

  5. This is a great mandala. I love that it is 3-dimensional.

  6. truly beautiful and creative marianne!

  7. dis weer n heerlike sonnerige dag hier in london. en op my blog is daar n award vir jou liewe vriend.
    gegee met baie wfs en dank dat ons nou goeie vriende is in blogland!
    my nuwe werk begin in desember, maar ek moet eers baie nuwe dinge leer!

  8. Hi Marianne...this is lovely and I love that you used all the leaves and the chestnuts...wonderful layout!!!

    you are such a wonderful and inspiring friend!!!

    Hugs and Have a great weekend...

  9. Marianne, beautiful mandala which seems the essence of autumn. Love the colors and chestnuts. Happy autumn to you.

  10. OMG...I love this so much, Marianne! Just beautiful. I thought at first these were cherries on top, but I see it is chestnuts! I don't see the chestnuts here in south Florida, but they sure are beautiful atop this stunning design!!!


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