Sunday, September 28, 2008

My lucky week!

Another beautiful award from Soulbrush! Gemaakt door Atomicvelvetsigh. You are welcome to take it. I nominate all my readers! Weer een mooie award van Soulbrush! Gemaakt door Atomicvelvetsigh. Ga je gang en neem hem mee. I geef hem door aan al mijn lezers!


  1. Thank you, Marianne!

    This has been a very beautiful week for you and it is all very well deserved, too!

    I quite like the graphic nature of this award, too!

    Congratulations, Marianne!

  2. Thanks Suki and Kim, and please do take the award , it is for you!

  3. you really deserve it... congrats..

    i deeply LOVE your art blog...


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