Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My mood lately................. PMS, the weather? I don't know, but what I do know is that being moody makes that more bad things come your way........ I know this and still I was stuck in this grumpyness........ Mijn humeur de laatste tijd............ PMS, het slechte weer? Ik weet het niet. Wat ik wel weet is dat een slecht humeur slechte dingen aantrekt............ Ik weet het en toch blijf je erin hangen............ Yesterday I decided enough is enough I went to the art supply store, this was a suggestion of my husband (an expensive one). I was in Rotterdam to help my parents. In the evening I finished a mandala in a good mood(which I will show soon). Today the sun is shining again! Gisteren vond ik dat het genoeg moest zijn. Ik ben naar Harolds gegaan, een suggestie van mijn man (wel een dure). Ik moest toch in Rotterdam zijn om mijn ouders te helpen. In de avond heb ik een mandala afgemaakt met een goede bui (die ik binnenkort zal laten zien). Vandaag schijnt de zon weer!


  1. Marianne, it sounds as though your husband knows you very well. I can't think of anything which would do as great a job of raising my spirits as an expensive visit to the art supply shop! LOL My daughter says there is often nothing quite like a little retail therapy!

    I am glad this experience has lifted your spirits and is putting you back in the creative spirit we have all come to love...well, we love more, but you know what I mean!

    Thanks and Great Job in Spirit Lifting!

  2. hi marianne!
    i love your mandala and cannot wait to see your new one!

  3. pms en die weer, vreeslike kombinasie. as ek nie lekker voel dan koop ek die verkeerde goed....ek gaan nooit winkels toe as ek nie goed voel nie. hoop jy voel beter gou gou.baie liefs en nogmals baie wfs.

  4. I agree that a trip to the art store is a GREAT mood elevator!

    Such a cute Grumpy and beautiful mandala.

  5. Hi Marianne...sorry to hear that your a bit grumpy...but you still create magical art with any mood...this mandala is lovely!!!

    Have a wonderful day !!!


  6. Love the grumpy pic and the mandala of. Wonderfully healing activity, buying expensive art supplies. May you soon be enjoying their use. And be more like....Happy. Was there a Happy?

  7. Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to lift the spirits. Maybe it was that purple paint. Loving that little canvas too.

  8. So nice when the sun comes back out...outside and shining inside us.


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