Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday; a typical Dutch sight. A windmill in Brouwershaven, a village nearby where we have our boat. Gisteren; een typisch Hollands plaatje. Een molen in Brouwershaven, een dorp vlakbij, waar onze boot ligt. Today; typical Dutch weather. The view from my window Vandaag; typisch Hollands weer. Het uitzicht vanuit mijn raam.


  1. Marianne,

    I love both of these photos, but the one from your window is fantastic. I love it so much. It looks like you had lots of rain, just like we did here. My husband said to me he heard we had 10 inches yesterday! Lots of flooding around here!

    Thanks for the great photos, though! Love the rain one!

  2. How fun for me to see this Marianne as I never will in the U.S. Thanks.

  3. Marianne, I love that windmill. We had several on Cape Cod, old ones. And in the town where I lived an artist owned a windmill and had her studio in it!! i got to go inside on an artist tour.

    I too love that shot through your window. Makes me want to cosy up with a mug of tea and read and gaze outside. Thanks, Suki

  4. What a fantastic picture... love the clouds in the sky and the richness of the grass. Do these windmills still function? I would love to visit Holland one day... maybe when the kids are grown and my husband and I can travel. Really lovely, thanks for sharing. ;)

  5. hi marianne!
    oh what beautiful views! the windmill is so amazing! wouldn't it be fun to pick a day where we all show a picture of where we live? what a fun way to travel the world!

  6. Amazing photos them and thank you for sharing these...I love seeing all these wonderful places and things through your eyes...

  7. I love this little glimpse into your world! And what a pretty photo of you ;)

  8. Hi Kim,
    Glad the rain could make someone happy ;)

    Hi Teri, you're welcome! According to Suki there are windmills in Cape Cod, is that far from you?

    Hi Suki,
    I have googled your windmills and they are very pretty as well! Thanks for showing me something I didn't know.

    Hi Lisa,
    Some of them are still working. Further down the street where I live we have a windmill, which is still working. I sometimes buy flour for my bread baking machine.

    Hi Melissa,
    Great idea, I love these glimpses in other one lives all over the world.

    You are welcome Diana. It is so much fun to travel and see places just by visiting blogfriends.

    Hi Lolo,
    Thank you I see you have traded your mysterious eyes for a sweet picture! (and so did Suki) It iss fun to see the people behind the blogs!


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