Tuesday, September 23, 2008


(click to enlarge/ klik om de afbeelding te vergroten) Today Marieke collected her mandala, so I can show the mandala I finished 2 weeks ago. It is painted on a 15,75 x 15,75 inch canvas with acrylic paint. I enjoyed painting it very much and was happy that Marieke liked the result. It turned out that the owl is a very imported animal in her life. So a good choice. I was glad the mandala matched her so well. Vandaag heeft Marieke haar mandala opgehaald, dus kan ik deze nu aan de rest van de wereld laten zien. Het is de mandala die ik 2 weken geleden heb afgekregen. Hij is geschilderd op een doek van 40 x 40 cm met acrylverf. Ik heb er met veel plezier aan gewerkt en was blij dat Marieke tevreden was met het resultaat. Het bleek dat de uil echt "haar" dier was. Dus de juiste keuze. Blij ook dat de mandala zo goed bij haar paste.


  1. Hi Marianne...wow this is very beautiful!!! the details are amazing....she must have been thrilled....what a magical piece...


  2. what a lovely piece... the colors are so rich and that owl is just amazing, I want to reach out and stroke his feathers! The moon and stars... everything... just gorgeous.

  3. hi marianne!
    oh it is wonderful!
    i love the owls too!

  4. Marianne, this is incredibly beautiful. I love the way you have worked in so many detailed elements. The earth and the sky grounded by the elements...how I love it and can see why Marieke loved it so much!

    Truly Beautiful!

  5. Marianne, the colors and shapes so lovely. I too love that owl. Owls are special, I can hear one hoot every now and again. Marieke is lucky to have this beautiful manadala.

  6. Marianne, this is so soft and so beautiful. I didn't realize you painted them.

  7. oh marianne, elkeen is beter en beter...die kleure is so vrolik, en die beste is daardie 'eagles'. wow! liefs.

  8. Very beautiful, Marianne. Your work is amazing. The entire design is very precise! The surrounding owls could provide many symbolisms. Marieke is a lucky lady.

  9. I'm sure she LOVED!! this.. this is gorgeous. I love the detail on it. It's a jaw-dropper WOW!
    and the added owl... just beautiful and inspiring..
    oh and by the way, the mandalas you commented on, one was a matboard, one a canvas.
    I am just loving this mandala of yours........

  10. I'm always so amazed by your little details. Love this!

  11. This is gorgeous. I love the detail. The moon and owls are marvelous. The white design looks like eyelet fabric.


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