Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Give Away!

I have opened my Etsy shop, with so far only cards.
In the future I will also sell small art items here.
I must say I started this because of the encouragement of Lolo and Diana.
But I wonder if people use or buy cards any longer.
I don't send so many cards as before, internet has replaced that part for me.
Snail mail has become special because of that.
I love handwritten envelopes in my mailbox instead of bills!
How about you?
You can win 2 of my cards simply by leaving a comment!
I will pick a winner on Sunday, when I am back home again.
I'd like to hear what you think about it.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cactus Monday (#29)

Seen this one before?
Maybe here?
See the difference? Lolo, Sweetheart, thanks!
I am so happy with my lovely gifts!
Love everything! The notepaper with your name,
The cat en moon card.
I always say I love all animals, but cats are really my all time favorite!
And the moon, well I am a cancer so I have a special bond with the moon.
And the envelope! So gorgeous, I might just frame it too.
Once again thanks a million dear cactuteer!
Happy Cactus Monday!
Want to ooooooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah one more time?
here they are:
Forgot anyone?
(Let me know the link, I'll add it)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flower Mandala (#2)

Spring is coming next week they say!
Hope it will wait for me as I will fly to Montreal on Thursday.
I really would like to start with our fence when I come back.
Today I must do some cleaning and have to study again.
Last week I passed my general exam with 100%.
Tomorrow I will have my type exam.
See you on Monday again!
Volgende week komt de lente zeggen ze!
Hopelijk om te blijven, want donderdag moet ik vliegen (Montreal).
Als ik terug kom wil ik graag aan ons niewe tuinhek beginnen.
Vandaag moet ik wat aan het huis doen en weer leren.
Vorige week met 100% geslaagd voor mijn general.
Morgen heb ik type recurrent.
Tot maandag!
Have a nice weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Flower Mandala (#1) Daffodil ATC

Thanks for your encouragements!
I know Spring hasn´t skipped a year yet.........
Here is something to get in the mood!
Bedankt voor de bemoedigende woorden!
Ik weet dat de lente nog nooit een jaar heeft overgeslagen.....
Hier iets om in de stemming te komen!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Still no sign of Spring........ It´s blowing and cold........ The daffodils are here and I found spawn in the pond. Where is the rest? Nog geen teken van lente....... Het waait en het is koud......... De narcissen zijn er wel en ik heb kikkerdril in de vijver gevonden. Waar blijft de rest?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#5)

This ACT I made yesterday. A starfish is an animal isn´t it? So perfect for Animal Wednesday. They come in all sorts of colors and shapes. Here is one in the middle of Jeske´s mandala. The seahorses I painted from an image I found on the internet, so not excactly my design.... Shame on me, that I don´t know who´s it is, so I can´t mention it.... It is one of my first mandalas so I didn´t think about that then. now I only paint from pictures and when I know the source I will ask for permission and mention the artist. As I did with the foliosa coral I used below. A blue starfish in Isa´s mandala, which also has a lot of water elements in it. Is is a cancer. And in this ATC, which is one of my favorites. I love starfish ever since I was a child, they have something magical. How about you? Happy Animal Wednesday!!!! PS I found another one.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ohhh how I long for Spring. The sun is here but the wind is cold. Hope it is warm and sunny where you are....... Oooo wat verlang ik naar de lente. De zon is er, maar de wind is koud. Ik hoop dat het zonnig en warm is waar jij bent.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cactus Monday (#28)

Scientists Were extatic when my mini cactus started to bloom and it turned out to be a rare, unknown so far, variety. I was allowed to take a picture before they took it away from me for further investigation. Now I have only the picture to show you.

Oh and they let me pick a name for this new species and I called it The Teri Cactus. Soon available worldwide.

Happy Cactus Monday to you all!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


(mandala "Nick" made in 2007)
I will be away for a few days and maybe won´t have much time to visit your blogs.... Today I will have a Flight Safety exam and Friday I will fly to New York! See you later........................ I ben er even een paar dagen niet en zal niet veel tijd hebben om jullie blogs te bezoeken.... vandaag heb ik een Flight Safety examen en vrijdag vlieg ik naar New York! Tot later...................

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Animal Wednesday Metamorphosis

Doggie Kaleidoscope Scruffy #1 Scruffy #2 Oh no......not too much, it is still so cold outside. There is no end to the ordeal. It´s hard to maintain your dignity....... But here is Koekie again..... and Droppie! Nothing more to fear? Let´s take a well deserved nap then. This post is for you Auntie Joss! Happy Animal Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yesterday Mom moved in her new room! She was happy after spending 2 months in a temporary ward. Her place looks like a miniature from her apartment, where she lived with my Dad. I hope she can feel happy there..... Gisteren is mijn moeder verhuisd naar haar nieuwe kamer! Ze was blij dat ze na 2 maanden in een tijdelijke opvang ze eindelijk weg mocht en nu weer een eigen plekje heeft. Haar kamer lijkt op een miniatuur van haar flat waar ze met Pa woonde. Ik hoop dat ze zich hier gelukkig kan voelen........

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I traded ATC´s with BT. Isn´t this one lovely! Click to enlarge to discover all kinds of beautiful little details, love the little kitty and butterflies! ` " A Crazy Landscape" Wonderful! And such a beautiful card with real leaves from her garden. Thanks so much Gina! A lovely card from Soulbrush! These were made by Lolo, they are fabulous! A real African painting from Soulbrush! No one can capture the African spirit like she does in her work, but Soulbrush has Afrikaans blood running through her veins...... Crystals! pink, love them, must think of something fun to do with them. No worry I will..... And I got this beautiful award also from Soulbrush! Thanks Skattebol! I'd like to pass it on to some of you, most of my sisters are already mentioned on the list on Soul's blog, but I add a few: BT Diana Marja Lisa M Griffin Lisa Rivas Teri C Amy Fannie Mary Melissa Kim Kelly Andrea Quiche Vic Muktha All links can be found on my blogroll! Please take the award and add your sisters to the list! Have a nice Sunday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Warm Sun

I am home after 3 days. I have visited some of your blogs in random order and will continue tomorrow, I have missed a lot! Right now I will watch tv with my sons and probably will fall asleep, tv has this effect on me... Hope your day was sunnier than here, they promised us a spring day but we got just another rainy day...... better luck tomorrow. Ik ben weer thuis na 3 dagen weggeweest. Ik heb al een paar blogs bezocht in willekeurige volgorde en doe de rest morgen, want ik heb veel gemist. ik ga zo tv kijken met de jongens, maar zal wel snel in slaap vallen, tv kijken als ik moe ben hou ik meestal niet lang vol. Hoop dat jou dag zonniger was dan de mijne. Ze hadden een lentedag voorspeld, maar we kregen nog een druilerige dag.......morgen beter.

Orange Flower Mandala

Today I have been busy buying things for my mother. We had dinner at Ronald's (Per's friend), who is a very good cook. After dinner my brother and I went to my Mom's former apartment to pack some things. Tomorrow we will rent a van and will move some furniture. I have been staying here in Rotterdam for 2 days, I hope by the end of tomorrow I can go back home and return monday to move my Mom. I hope to visit your blogs Sunday, now I will go to bed, it is late and tomorrow we will start early........ Vandaag heb ik spullen voor mijn moeder gekocht. Gegeten bij Ronald, de vriend van Per, die heel goed kan koken. Na het eten zijn mijn broer en ik naar mijn ouders huis gegaan en hebben wat spullen ingepakt. morgen huren we een bus en verhuizen we wat meubeltjes, veel kan niet want het is een stuk kleiner. Ik ben al 2 dagen en nachten in Rotterdam, ik hoop dat ik morgen naar huis kan. Maandag moet ik terug om mijn moeder te verhuizen.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green Zenmandala

Today I had a Assist refresher,a team I joined a few years ago.If ever a disaster will occur they can send me there to assist victims. The visit of the man from DVI was impressive, who showed a DVD of their work (Identifying victims) in Thailand after the Tsunami. I hope They will never need my services. Vandaag een refresher gehad van mijn ASSIST cursus, die ik een paar jaar geleden heb gedaan. Een team van vrijwilligers die opgeroepen kan worden na een ramp gebeurd om slachtoffers bij te staan op verschillende manieren. S'Middags kwam een rechercheur van het RIT (Ramp Indentiificatie Team) een verhaal doen en liet een DVD zien van het werk van zijn team in Thailand na de Tsunami, heel indrukwekkend. laten we hopen dat ze mijn diensten nooit nodig zullen hebben.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#4)

Lolo was right! Sunday´s mandalas were made of flamingo´s! Aren´t they incredible?! Those colors! Such grace.... This little fellow wanted to come along to Holland. (click to enlarge) Farsighted or near? letting his wings dry A bit of prehistory in 2009! (pictures taken last week in Aruba) Happy Animal Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Roses (#3)

How Cool is this, poems written on rose petals?! Read all about it in the Pravda Gedichten geschreven in een boekje gemaakt van rozenblaadjes?! Lees het in de Pravda I think Suki, Teri and Melissa would love to see this.......

Dots and Spirals

Have a nice day! Een fijne dag!