Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surprise for Lolo and a new site!

Preparing a surprise for Lolo!

When Marja and I were in Hongkong we had a card made for her.

Here is the making of.........

Hard to see at the video, but in the last moment she puts in a for luck. Very important!

I have been very busy these last few days making a website for my friend Martin.

The wonderful artist, who made me this painting.

Please visit his new site. It is in Dutch, but the pictures speak for themselves. (look at schilderijen and click the thumbnails).

Please don't forget to leave a comment in his guestbook (gastenboek in Dutch, you will find it under contact).

he is new at this so I guess he would love comments, don't we all.........

Well I do. Have a nice Sunday!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This hopped in a few days ago......
A wonderful frog ATC from teri with card and heart ATC!
Aren't they just wonderful!
We have started a new project: Global Greetings Mail Art
We are with 11 artists from all over the world sending each other mail art postcards .
This one is from Lisa. It hit the mailbox today.
Lovely Zen garden with owl and 3D pansies (or did they come of a little?) and butterfly. Wonderful symbols.

The back is so cute. Kitty cat is fishing and around it it says:

A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart I love it! ♥

Lolo's card of Frida!
Fabulously altered picture of Frida. We share the love for Frida.
I know a lot of you do too....

On the back it says:P The world is a better place because of you. What a beautiful phrase......

Lynn's card came yesterday.

Miss Hazelwood made of the inside of an envelop.

So creative!

Soul's card came together with Lisa's

I just love that saying by Ghandi: Be the chance you want to see in the world.

And she wrote some sweet words on the back!

♥ U!

I always try to be thankful for the most simple things in life.

Besides These wonderful pieces of art that hit the doormat I am thankful for friends who visit my blog and always leave these sweet comment.

Today I am thankful that I have a lot of love and friendship in my life!

Thank you all!

Hope you have a lot to be thankful for !



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sjimmie's World

My adventures are finished.....
Mom collected them in my special book.
She had to re-arrange the pages to make them fit the cover.
Lynn and Soul's pages are inside the cover.
The rest of the harmonica pages in between. Folded out.....
Lynn's page inside the front cover
Soul's inside the back cover
The back pages unfolded.
Sjimmie is glad to be back home, but will always remember his journey........ Thanks ladies for taking such good care of Sjimmie!
What an adventure!
Happy Animal Wednesday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cactus Monday / Cactus Hoot!

Little pigmee owl in cactus.
Happy Cactus Monday everyone!
Visit Teri for more cactus fun!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Adventure

Hi, it is me: Sjimmie!
Here I am overlooking the world and fantazising about the adventures ahead of me......
Here I am in Massachusset, where Mim taught me how to fish with a rod.
I taught Mim how to eat raw fish and how to swallow fish tails without choking.
Here I arrived in Rhode Island. A bit shy, not sure I found Lolo's home.
As soon as they spotted me they took me in and found me a spot near the fireplace .
I made friends with Emma and Bliss!
In New Hampshire I met Bibbity and Emily at Suki's place.
She understood my special diet. You see the tomatoes and canned mushrooms at the table?
Here I am learning to blow peace bubbles.
Good thing that I have my back turned to that mouse (didn't even know he was there!) ........otherwise that peace mission would have ended disastrously.
At Katie Jane's in Ohio I had a quiet time in the sculpture park "Pyramid Hill".Pity I was on a leash........ Saw so many unknown birds there, I would have loved to get aquainted with!
Here I am in Malaysia where Caroline showed me the twin towers and where I learned to play Mahjong.
Don't tell Mum, but when Caroline came with her camera we put the beer under the table!
Wish I could have taken some sunshine home with me.............
In Vincennes at Lisa's I got a history lesson.
Besides that strange guy we saw, I noticed a white wolf living in Lisa's home!
Strange place........
In California I enjoyed the sunshine and sunflowers.
It was nice meeting Henry V at Lynn's, never met Royalty before.
I met my equal in him.
I ended my journey with a blast!
A cat party in London!
Although Soul always says she doesn't like cats, she secretly fell in love with me and planned to send the wrong cat to Holland.
Thank Goodness Snuffles prevented this mistake.
Snuffles is Queen of her castle and I rule in Zierikzee again!
Mom cried when I got home. She missed me like crazy.
So did Lars and Felix. The other cats thought they had gotten rid of me for good ,
but.......I'm back, this time to stay!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Book by the ArtySoulSisters!

My book has arrived! Click to enlarge to see all the gorgeous pages! Thanks Suki , Mim, Lynn , Katie, Caroline, Lisa, Lolo and last but not least Soul (also for organizing this fun event) for all these beautiful pages! Now I have to find a way to make a book with the covers I already had painted a while ago.

To be continued.............

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

In random order I have to show you the treasures I have received the last few weeks!Winter greetings from Lolo with the C= for Cabbage, in lovely blue!Lolo's mail is always fun to get! Look at the gorgeous bag and stickers. This arrived later , a lovely card with a mandala sun feeling.
And Sjimmie with a red winged blackbird on his head!
I never heard of this bird before Lolo painted it on my book page. And later she found this card; an omen! A wonderful surprise by the ever so talented Margaret!
All her art is a lust for the eye! Such a wonderful Valentine surprise!
Check out her hearts and feel happy! This arrived first! Soul's African beauty for the ABC ATC's Around the World.
Together with a splash of goodies.
Love that beauty! This painting I got from Martin Immerzeel.
One of his lovely (and soon famous) barns. Mark my words.
He gave me this painting, thanking me for taking him and Olga to Vancouver.
Far too outrageous, but how can you say no to a wonderful painting like this!!!!!This card I got from Marja one year after my Dad died.
So thoughtful and sweet of her, just like she is.
This card came together with the lovely birches of Patty. The birches matched so well with Lolo's birches, who were on my wall already. So now I am the proud owner of my own birch forest. The upper ones are Lolo's, the lower ones are Patty's. I was so lucky I still had one of those same frames in my drawer. I just love them together. This wonderful handmade card arrived from Suki. She is a wonderful artist in many ways; multi talented!
This is the fifth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet Hay .
Lynn made it for me. And I made the Earth for her.
D= for Dots dashes dogs and diamonds.
What a lovely card by BT.
Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!
Both the gifts and friendships will be treasured by me!
Hope you have a lot to be thankful for.
I know I have.
Happy Thankful Thursday.
(now I will catch up some sleep. Tomorrow I will catch up with your blogs again:))

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Dogs in Hongkong

Dressed to kill but friends forever................
Ready to travel
Marja thought she finally spotted a Ridgeback....... On the counter, guarding the register .....
On the alert.........
Here a few doggies we met in Hongkong!
Back from an adventureous trip with Marja to Hongkong.
The weather was not as good as we hoped for , but we had a lot of fun!
We saw the parade, the fireworks .
It was just wonderful.
We entered the year of the tiger together.
Happy Animal Wednesday!