Monday, January 30, 2012

My painting and winter

Here is the progress on my painting.
It is coming along slowly as I only work on this on Wednesday afternoons.
I have also been painting a new mandala, which I can't just show yet.
And tomorrow I have to work again. How time flies. We have been working on clearing the garage, nearly done :)
Today winter has arrived, maybe this time for real. The first snowflakes are falling. It makes me nervous as tomorrow I have to report early for work and I wonder how traffic and trains will function. Today  we had the 3th power interruption in Rotterdam this month. So I just hope nothing goes wrong tomorrow and I can catch my flight to LA. I am looking forward  to some normal weather and shopping.
Life has been busy but I expect February to be much easier and quiet. I hope to have more time to blog and to visit you all. I also look forward to do some art. Hope to find time and inspiration for that.

Have a nice day and see you soon

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cockatoo mandala

This oldie is for Teri.
She is seeing a lot of white birds lately and think it a sign. She also saw a cockatoo.
I have painted this one a few years ago and I remember The cockatoo had something to do with the sun.
So I looked up it's meaning, which I had stored on my PC.

Cockatoo; Symbol of sunshine and healing.
This really gave me goose bumps!

These are definitely signs Teri!

You know what Sunshine is trying to tell you dear ;)

My future studio

This is the garage that will be transformed into my studio.
I bet you  can't get the picture yet...... :)
Half is cleared out. Still one half to go.
Normally I am not in favor of showing junk on my blog but this is to give you an idea of the amount of stuff in the garage.
I am having a hard time convincing my DH to trow away things....... 
There have been times yesterday I was close to despair.  
But in May our builder will begin so it has to be empty. I just hope he can part of some of his stuff so our new shed won't be cramped. I have to do a lot of convincing here........

When you click on the pictures you will see I will have a hard time choosing on which side I want to sit and work as both views are nice. The garage door will be replaced by a window and will be overlooking the deer yard. The windows at the back are overlooking my garden and the Nobelpoort (which you see in the first picture behind my house)

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Animal Wednesday / Art on Wednesday

This is as far as I got today. Still a long way to go.......
I am not content with the shape of the rock in the front. 
A hermit crab has shown up and do you see Mrs Jobse looking out the window of Martin's studio?
So a perfect shot for Animal Wednesday I hope.

Came home yesterday after a sunny trip to Panama.
Tomorrow we will work on the shed moving things and bringing a few loads to the scrap yard.
Hope my DH will wake up tomorrow in a "throw away mood". I know I will .

In between I hope to visit some blogs :)
Happy Animal Wednesday!

Friday, January 13, 2012


 (picture stolen from Marja)

Spent 5 days in Rotterdam . I was standby for my work.
I  was called today for a Panama tomorrow. I drove home just for the afternoon and evening.
The shed is almost done , just needs a little bit of tweaking. 
Tuesday night after my shift  I went to Marja to visit Baron , her new puppy.
No need to tell you it was a wonderful visit. 
Mr. B is the best possible big brother!
They have a new blog now called Beaudor et Baron. So please go there for a lot of ohhhh's and ahhhh's :)
When I came home the boys (DH and my son) were working on the shed.
In my leave we will move all the stuff from the garage in there and in May the garage will be transformed into a studio for me! I am very excited about that.
In those 5 days I visited a few blogs but most of the time I was unable to leave a comment......grrrr.
I visited my Mom twice did some chores for my brother and spent some time with him and my BIL. Went out for dinner twice.
In short had a good time there.
So tomorrow I am off to Panama and will be back on Tuesday.
Hope you are all doing OK. Will be around every now and then.

Have a wonderful weekend 

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Friday my DH decided to put up the shed. He built it around the old one . He didn't expect that it would go that fast ....................
We have had a few dry days.
Yesterday we couldn't work as we had other things to do and had to visit our granddaughter who turned 1 year! How time flies.......
So today we continued and I painted the whole thing in one (long ) day. Just intime as they say winter will be here within a few days. Well I can tell you it was just warm enough to paint but to me it felt like winter already. I am happy the shed is up and tomorrow my DH will cover the roof. When spring is here I will paint the shed for a second time.
No naps for me the last 3 days so tonight I will go to bed early and hope to get a good night's rest for a change.
Hope you have had a nice Sunday :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Art on Wednesday

I have very little to show at the moment .
I started a mandala the first of January. I thought that would be a good beginning of the year. Of course I can´t show it yet. You never know who reads your blog....;)
Here is a painting I started at my art class on Wednesday. I worked on it twice. Some spots I am happy about, some not or not yet but it is not finished yet.
The first time I worked with a knife just to try but I did not like the result.The colors were too vibrant, but I liked the structure it left. So I painted it over with different colors. Too bad I didn´t take a picture of the first version.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eight Below

Beautiful. Saw this picture can't see this video without tears in my eyes........

PS Saw this movie years ago and when I saw this video yesterday the feeling came back I think the song goes so well with the pictures. Didn't mean to upset you all :( I understand that some of you don't want to see it Sometimes you are just not up to things like this. I watched it I cried a lot and only thinking about it makes me cry again. But I loved this movie at the same time. It showed the immense loyalty dogs have. In the movie the story ends better than in reality. (it is a true story).
In Havana I was amazed by how hard it is to break the spirit of the dog. The strays walked happy beside me, they stayed friendly no matter what had happened to them and how they were treated by others.
A dog really is a man's best friend, too bad they are not always treated like that the other way around.

Monday, January 2, 2012