Friday, June 22, 2012

My new studio

 Finally the before and after pictures :)
 here is where the door will be and the garage door still in place 

 Work in progress 

New window
old paint
DH working
The outside is still not finished but I am waiting for better weather and energy ;)
 A clean slate :)
 My stained glass window
 My grandmothers embroidery finally got a place in my house
 Lots of light
 from both sides
 Flowers and good company (Minoes)
 I am happy with the way it turned out
Frida in my zen corner
 A sliding door from the living room (Minoes on my desk)
 Spookje investigating
3 in a bed:) (Koekie, Droppie and Sarah)

I am happy with my new studio.
My holiday is nearly over and all is done except some painting on the outside.
I have been tired all week  from working, being ill at the same time, all the emotions of taking care of Sjimmie  and finally losing him.
I still have a few days before I start working Monday.
I will soon start a commissioned mandala, but next week will be busy as well. Felix last school week and Lars will get his diploma the day I return from Beijing.The whole week will be filled with mostly nice things.
Lars will travel to Czech Republic and Hungary the first of July and after that we have to decide on his next education and he will probably leave home in August / September. So I guess a busy period ahead again.
But all renovations and remodeling are done now and the rest of the year I wont start any new things, just enjoy my studio the house and my  `new` garden.

Hope you will all enjoy a wonderful weekend :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Animal Wednesday / New Fawn

Here is our new fawn, just 3 days old. She is still in hiding a lot
 Yesterday we went to the woods with Marja and Baron and my Koekie and Droppie
 yes we are all listening :)
 Too bad this tree was in the way but I like the picture anyhow.
 here are mother and child and auntie (in the front) who is also pregnant and will get a baby of her own soon.
 In the meanwhile she is also being sweet to the little one.
Isn't he or she cute?!!!

Happy Animal Wednesday!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Cactus Monday

 The Cactus Monday Mascotte

 A few Cactus Monday shots featuring Sjimmie
 Sjimmie in his Halloween costume

Thanks auntie Teri for letting me be the mascotte. Sunshine and I are already friends ;)

Happy Cactus Monday

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Animal Wednesday / Sjimmie

 Hi there it is me Sjimmie talking from cat heaven
Remember me when I was little, only 4 years ago?
I was so small my Mom put me in a bread basket.
 My Mom had to keep me warm
and after a day full of adventure I just dozed off
The first time I was allowed outside I went all the way up in this tree.
I had lots of fun in my garden

here I am just being cute :)
 And here I am grown up and King of the castle
 This is Mr. Jingles I dragged him in the house a couple of times and my Mom had a hard time letting him out again. 
I accidentally have played too long with some of them , but it was never my intention to be a bad boy.
Last week I killed a mole because my dad , who didn't think high of me always said I couldn't do him that one favor.
Just before I went to cat heaven I decided to show him I could. It was just that I didn't want it before.
You know cats don't like to follow orders........
I also killed a hoot in my life and that gave me the name of Chicken murderer. Well I thought that was a little exaggerated by my Mom, it was just one hoot.......

Life was always full of adventures. Here I met a new cat, my Mom got for her birthday a few years ago. I was happy to find out he couldn't move.
At Halloween.  I always loved to help decorating 
and to take the decorations down. Most of the time too early according to my Mom.

 What my Mom admired most about me was the ability to be totally relaxed
and I must admit it was an art I mastered very well.
 My Mom pictured me in this spot in her new studio.
In the sun, overlooking my kingdom. But unfortunately I couldn't overcome what was wrong with me the last 14 days......

My Mom buried me yesterday in this beautiful sunny spot
She wanted to pick a Buddleja for me and I guided her to pick the perfect one: called Black Knight.

My life was short but good.
I know I will be missed, but new adventures are waiting for me across the rainbow bridge.

Happy Animal Wednesday :)