Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a blue moon..........

Today there will be a second full moon this month, which is called a blue moon.
Read all about it in this article.

Hope you get to see him tonight and experience the magic.
Here it is rainy windy and cold since yesterday.
Yesterday I realized summer was really over. Although we haven't had a real summer here......
I have been in Montreal and after an easy day yesterday I will be busy today and tomorrow. Today I will go to Rotterdam and take my Mom shopping and will have lunch with Marja and her Dad.
Tomorrow I will have 6 people over to eat mussels , so busy busy busy. But with fun things.

Hope you are all doing fine.
Happy Blue Moon :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Animal Wednesday and other things :)

 We have had a wonderful week with sunny weather
Spook has checked out some of the cupboards and cabinets as we got a new new one and we moved one so lots to discover. Here I removed a box and....hop she is in it
Our new cabinet (yes inspected by Spook)
So I moved this one across the room as I didn't want them next to each other.
 Trumpet flower in bloom outside my studio window, the only plant I took with me from my old home.
 I took him with us because it was a young plant and I thought he could handle the move.
 We enjoyed a bike ride along the water Sunday
 Stopped at a nice restaurant and had Iced coffee
 My new bike. Behind me the Oosterschelde (the water) and the Zeelandbrug (the bridge) which is 3,2 miles long and connects our island with the next.
 The little deer are growing as cabbage.
 They are friends
 They are so cute!
Felix came home yesterday with flowers!
Now what a sight for a sore eye was that :)

Our eldest is in Delft where there is an introduction week for the new students.
He is enjoying himself a lot. he was supposed to be there 3 days but now he will be there 8! I hope he find a store to buy new underwear.....
Soon he will be living on his own. So we will be busy moving him. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer

Happy Animal Wednesday !

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Animal Wednesday / LA and home again

 Picture taken at Venice beach. The trip went well and Germain and Felix came along. the weather was sunny and not too hot.
 This bird was outside my hotel window just when I was about to write a card to my dear friend Lo. Think she sensed it :)
 This sweet dog was outside  "le pain quotidien", on  where we had breakfast. I had breakfast here in NY with Lo, KJ and JB. A lovely place!
These duck found their swimming pool empty outside the hotel lobby, but they made the best of the situation
Home again. The little deer are doing well and are growing as cabbage. 
Yesterday these cute girls were feeding the deer and I invited them in to give them bread.
I am trying to let the fawns get used to people around.
I am still not sure if they are girls or boys..... The little one is very curious and always in front.

I came home Friday and I was very tired for a few days. Time flies and I don't have the feeling I do much, like I am a little stuck.......I also feel I get a cold. My throat is aching and I don't have much energy. I haven't been blogging much lately but I hope soon all will be back to normal.

We let Sarah put to sleep. She had cancer in her jawbone. A difficult decision for me.
All of a sudden we have 2 cats left while we always had 6. I lost 3 old ladies and my Sjimmie this last year.
My friend called Monday to congratulate my son Lars with his 18th birthday. She told me she got married that morning. Her partner always said he would marry her when he turned 40 but now they think she won't be around when he does. I know that she will always be in my mind every 6th of August (and of course many more days) 
Life as it is with beautiful wonderful things and moments and sometimes just plain awful ones.
But we must celebrate life while we can and make every moment count. 
Tell people you love them while you still can. Hug them :)
I did yesterday  when I visited my friend and gave her a foot massage and we  kissed hugged and had fun.

But now..................

The little painting goes to Chris (Artist in Oregon) who was picked out of the hat.
Hope you will like it.
Please send me your adress Chris and I will send it  next week.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week:)
Don't forget to congratulate KJ today! Love you dear! Happy Bday!