Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Blog

I have created a new blog just for my ATC's. Here I will post all my ATC's. Have a sunny Sunday!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

ATC's for trade

Some ATC's I have made recently. If you wish to trade please visit my Flickr to see which ones are available for trade. If you point your mouse at the one you like it says it is traded taken or nothing. Nothing means it is available for trade. Have a nice day!

ABC ATCs Around the world

With a group of 10 we have started an ATC group called ABC ATCs Around the World Every week we create a letter of the alphabet and send it to a groupmember. In the end everyone has an ATC alphabet made by different persons. Please visit our blog and make our day by leaving a comment! Have a nice weekend! Met een groep van 10 zijn we een ATC groep begonnen die ABC ATC's Around the World heet. Elke week maken we een letter van het alphabet en sturen die naar een ander groeplid. Uiteindelijk hebben we een ATC Alphabet gemaakt door verschillende mensen. Je kunt ons blog bezoeken en nog leuker, ook een reactie achter laten! een fijn weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday! (#6)

Is this Ms. Em, or is it me?! It sure looks like me in my blue uniform......... LOVE it!!!! When Lolo started Thankful Thursday, I liked the title and this is my 6th Thankful Thursday already! Lots of goodies came in the mail this week again! But even when your mailbox is empty there is always something to be grateful about. I saw Teri also has started Thankful Thursday! Tee hee!
This package came from Mim! Lovely foldcard (never seen this before!)Lovely ATC's. Love them! Especially the one which seems to be made for me! Thanks so much Mim! Your art is inspirational and this surprise so much appreciated!
I traded this ATC with Teri! And like most things which I receive from my blogfriends it looks even better in real! And it was already gorgeous......... I love the texture of this paper which is very smooth. Thanks so much Teri, the card with the rabbit is also so cute!
These treasures were waiting for me when I got home today! They are from Lynn. Amazing ATC's, which so much details. I am a disaster with a sewing machine, so I am always in awe by what Lynn creates!
Besides hte ATC's she made a Quiltlet especially for me! Just gorgeous! The need for my own studio grows as I would like to display all my teeasures on a special wall.The peony card is so beautiful! Thanks so much Lynn for spoiling me!
Hearts ATC by Mim.
Cactus ATC by Teri.
Coin ATC by Lynn.
Aligator ATC with extendable snout, also by Lynn!.
And I want to share this picture which I took yesterday in Dar es Salaam. While I enjoyed the early morning at the pool, the crows and this heron kept me company. It was fun watching them and they came very close. The crows mobbed the heron It is so nice to be the only one together with all the birds and sounds. I saw the baby peacocks from last time who turned out handsome young men. I saw a weasel and birds I have never seen before and an amazing butterfly. One of the crows took off with my micron pen! I got it back because I folowed him with my eyes until he dropped it. The early bird catches the worm..............I think I saw all this because I always get up early and I had the feeling there was an interaction going on between the animals and me. Something to be thankful for . Hope your Thursday will be one with lots of things to be thankful for. It is late and tommorow I will visit you on my bloground! Look forward to that!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#12)

Where is the beast?
Or is it the beauty?
It's Sjimmie! Happy Animal Wednesday!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cactus Monday (#36)

Cactus ATC
Today I will fly to Dar es Salaam and will return on Thursday. Happy Cactus Monday!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Gina, from the Crafty Gardener tagged me to do these questions, well here they are What are your current obsessions? Making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)Currently we are doing the ABC with a group of 10. You can follow our ATC's here. Each week we create a card and send it to someone on the list. In the end we all have the alphabet made by different blogger-friends! Mandalas are a lifetime obsession. Guilty pleasure? Caramel filled chocolate, creme caramel, well just about anything with caramel or chocolate and peanut sauce, but not all together. If you were a dog, which one would you be? I have no idea, I'd rather be a cat..... I certainly would not like to be the dogs I fancy, because I would be small then and funny looking..... I guess I want to be one of the few fortunate ones that would have a good home and master in this world. Sum yourself up in a sentence Shall I mention my good sides or bad ones here? I guess I am versatile. What are you listening to? Sounds in the house and coming from the garden Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? My jeans What are you reading? Nothing at the moment. I am dyslectic, so I find it difficult to read and concentrate What’s for lunch? Have no idea yet.....I would love a pizza thought but they are not in the freezer and the shops are closed here at Sunday. I think I will make a tomato mozzerella salad. What makes you helpless with laughter? I love it when you meet someone with the same sense of humour. Funny movies. What was the last thing you bought? I bought liquid watercolors (dr. Ph. Martin's)on my last trip, here at home I only bought groceries.... Favourite plant of the moment? Inside: my Adenium Obesum (desert rose). After trying to survive here for 2 years he finally blooms again! I love orchids. Outside: My Peonies which are about to bloom, my favorite plant changes with the season. What's Your favorite season? Spring, I love it when life returns and comes to everything. And straight after that Summer because I love heat!I hope we will get a long hot summer! The Rules Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag some people. Right, now then, who can I tag?? Soulbrush, comes to mind first but Gina already tagged her. How come she is always the first one who posp up in my mind? Maybe it is she never turns a challenge down, Marja, who is in France right now. Lynn, who always has the most surprising answers. And anyone who would like to volunteer! Go on, it's fun!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just for a smile....

I got this video this morning in the mail and I had to laugh about it. Just wanted to share the laughter and wish you all a nice weekend! Deze video kreeg ik vanmorgen in the mail en moest er echt om lachen. Vreugde moet je delen en allemaal een fijn weekend toegewenst! The quality is better when you follow the link

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pink and purple

It is lovely weather so I am working in the garden.
Will visit you later today. Have a nice day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

This froggie came from Lisa, from Artsy Endeavors! Thanks dear, it is so colorful and happy! I LOVE frogs. Have a nice day!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#11)

I made an ATC in SF for my colleague Sabine. ] Unfortunately I couldn't load the pictures from my phone and I had to format the card, so I lost all my SF pictures........ But the ATC looked a bit like these. remember this scrag? Sjimmie one year ago, trying to keep warm.

Sjimmie now. He turned one year. Happy Birthday Sjimmie! Happy Animal Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Universe ATC made with my new Dr. Ph Martin's watercolors. I bought them in SF at Blick, or shall I say Walhalla, my gosh what a store! The colors are so vibrant I think. I did the last 3 ATC's with them (apple blossom, bee on buttercup and cactus). Universe ATC gemaakt met mijn nieuwe Dr. Ph Martin's waterverf, gekocht bij Blick in San Francisco. Wat een zaak! Een waar Walhalla. De kleuren zijn zo helder vind ik. Ik heb de laatste 3 ATC's ermee gedaan (apple blossom, bee on buttercup en cactus).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cactus Monday (#35) C = for Cactus

C = for Cactus ! (What else!) Graham's Nipple Cactus or Pincushion Cactus (Mammillaria grahamii) is a common cactus in Tucson. These small cacti are very easy to overlook, except when they are blooming. Their flowers are a lovely rose-pink color, and they circle the cactus tops, sometimes forming perfect, crown-like rings like this one. Its radial spines cover the stem "nipples" and one or two dark, hooked spines emerge from each of the "nipples". Of course this knowledge came from the internet, as mine on cacti is limited. I found this while searching for an image to paint for the ABC challenge. I bought this cactus a few weeks ago, about to blossom with a lot of buds, but unfortunately they all dried up and disappeared.....maybe next year. So far all my cacti are still alive, watering them only once a month, according to the advice of my fellow cactuteers. (Thanks!) Happy Cactus Monday to you all!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

B = for Bee on Buttercup

B = for Bee on Buttercup ATC made for the ABS-ATC's challenge, which Teri is hosting on her blog. Want to join? Please visit her and report yourself! The group will trade ATC's with the alphabet. Sounds like fun to me. Although I wonder if I can think of 26 ATC's, what to make for X? Ahh, I solve that problem when I am there........ Have a nice weekend! B = for Bee on Buttercup ATC gemaakt voor de ABC-ATC's uitdaging, die Teri op haar blog is begonnen. De deelnemers ruilen ATC's met daarop alle letters van het alphabet. Wil je meedoen, meld je aan! Mij lijkt het leuk, al vraag ik me af of ik wel bij iedere letter iets kan verzinnen, zoals bij de X? Nou ja dat zie ik tegen die tijd wel....... Nog een fijn weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flower Mandala (#7) A= for Apple Blossom

A= for Apple Blossom ATC (not for trade)

The apple tree is in our garden. More than 100 years ago the tree was part of an orchard belonging to a convent. The tree is the only reminder left. It's blossoms are so pink! Unbelievable. The little apples smell delicious and are a great treat for our deer in the autumn. I am allergic to apples (I have 15 apple trees!) so I never eat them. But I love the trees! De appel boom staat in onze tuin. Meer dan 100 jaar geleden stond hier een klooster met een boomgaard. De appelboom is de enige die overgebleven is. Zijn bloesem is zo ontzettend roze! De kleineappeltjes ruiken heerlijk en zijn een heerlijke snack voor de hertjes in de herfst. Ik ben allergisch voor appels (en ik heb 15 appelbomen!)dus eet ze niet, maar ik hou van de bomen .

Have a nice weekend! Een fijn weekend!

“The apple blossom exists to create fruit; when that comes, the petal falls.”


Friday, May 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#4) on Friday

Yesterday, when I came home, 2 envelops were waiting for me! One from Margaret (see detail envelop above) and one from Lynn!
What a feast to come home this way!
Today I got another 2! One from Lolo and one from Lynn again!

(The pictures showed up in the opposite order as I wanted them ) This picture shows Lolo's envelop, which are famous by now!

And how about this gorgeous cactus ATC!? I adored this one and now it is mine! Thanks Lolo for all these treasures! And for being such a sweet and dear friend! This is an ATC I traded with Lynn. For me this was one of my favorite. A landscape with a pink sky. What do you see in it? Thanks Lynn I love it! And for having such a big heart :) This was the card waiting for me yesterday!
Perfect picture cards!
And this one came today!
Another gorgeous card! And how beautiful is this one!!! Now I own my own Lynn mini quilt! Thanks Lynn, for making this one for me! I feel honored. And now Margaret's treasures! This is the back of the card, which is also so beautiful with this Chinese New Year stamp.
I am a great admirer of Margaret's Work and so happy to get these ATC's as a surprise in the mail!
Margaret 3 cards are on their way to you!
This is a peony ATC, symbol of longevity.
It has a real Chinese feel don't you think?
This is certainly one of my favorites!
It is one from the Time Zone series.
What a great combination; sunshine and mandala's!
Love this one.
And the card which accompanied these ATC's.
Thanks so much Margaret!
I love everything!
Well I could easely get used to mail like this.
So much better than getting bills and company mail!
While writing this post Spookje came on my lap, she hardly ever does that, so another thing to be grateful of.
Hope you will have a day with many blessings as well!