Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Animal Wednesday / Luna

Magical name
Magical color
Magical dog

You will be missed

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Glass Bead Workshop

 Yesterday I went to Delft for a glass bead workshop.
 Saint Nicolas also came to visit Delft
My teacher and colleague lives in a wonderful old canal house.
We had a great view
 The adventure began........................ 
Judith was a fun, enthusiastic and good instructor.
You can visit your website here to admire her work.
 The blue one is the first bead I made!!!
 Here I am wearing 2 pair of glasses (can you see them?)
 While working Juut kept me company
Judith's cockatiel...............Isn't she gorgeous?!
I had to think of Teri all day :)
She fell asleep behind me
 OK, back to work
I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love glass as a material to work with.
And although making beads is difficult and certainly not something I can master in a day, I know this won't be the last time I will be doing this. I still need a lot of practice.
It is a magical and fascinating process and I see endless creative possibilities.
 At the end of the day this was the bracelet I created with the help of Judith.
Four of my beads are in there!!!

Unfortunately 2 were cracked because I kept them out of the flame too long. 
One I thought was too blue for the bracelet. But I am happy, proud and encouraged by the results :)
 On my way home I bought 2 couches at IKEA as they had a 10 % sale.
I maneuvered with this cart through the IKEA. Can you picture it??!!
They will be delivered on Friday. Until then we have no couch as we sold ours yesterday.
The lady in the store gave me a good tip: we have inflated an airbed to serve as a couch .

It is storming outside. I am glad I don't have to go anywhere today.

Hope you will all have a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today in Goedereede
I found this clog booth, or whatever you would call this....
In Holland it is something you would keep your wooden shoes in.
Here 2 pairs of wooden shoes a rooster and a Buddha statue.
For me so much symbolism.
Two worlds united. Or three.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Animal Wednesday

   The deer are doing fine. 
I decided to keep one Mom and child 
as 4 is too much for the yard. 
The little one is going to Dubai, maybe I can visit her one day in the future :)
For Mom he would find a place with people who don't want to breed with her.
We kept Hindi and her Mom as I am very attached to Annemie (that's Hindi's Mom) and Hindi (the first born) was named by Marja.
This year I fed them inside the yard as I wanted to try to tame the deer. Both were girls.
Now I can also touch Annemie (after 6 years) I can pet her, put fly repellent on her and I even removed a tick! The little one, Hindi,  eats out of my hand  and is very curious.

 Got a new bird feeder.

 Hanged it just outside my studio window so I can enjoy the birds up close.

 In our garden we spotted a strange bird
 We can't find him in the books we have
 But I think it is a mutant of
 this bird
 Or does anyone know what kind this is?
 The two old ladies eating on a step
 Side by side
And this little fellow is back in the garden again.
Picture is taken from my kitchen window, that why it is a little blurry.....

Happy Animal Wednesday :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diwali / and an update

I always love festivities which include light, especially now that the days are getting shorter.
I am not religious but I just love the positive things in certain religions.
I thought I needed to post an update before you all think I vanished from this planet completely.
I have the feeling I have so little to say or show on my blog. Maybe I am already in hibernation. I just find Autumn a difficult season. I took light therapy in October and I will do another 10 days in November.
Today I will fly to Beijing and after this trip I will have my winter holiday and won't have to work until after X -mas.
I am working on a surprise painting for a friend so I can't show that one before Christmas.
I miss doing ATC's, anyone in for another round?
Lars has found a temporary room so Friday I will start cleaning the room and moving his things there.
Hope you are all doing great and from next week I hope to be back in the blogosphere more often.

(flowers from a dear friend)

Happy Diwali :)