Saturday, July 28, 2012

Time for a give away :)

 Time for a give away :)
 Untitled but for you to give it a name
20 x 20 cm / 7.87 x 7.87 inch (acrylic on canvas)

I have so little to tell or show lately......
This week Summer finally arrived and I was home to enjoy every minute of it.
I am working on a mandala which I can´t show yet and re-created a mandala for a sad occasion.
A dear friend of mine asked me if she could use one of my mandalas for her memorial service.
She has been diagnosed with lung cancer and thinks she will not live very long. I am completely devastated by this news.
Today I have been packing for Monday. I will travel to LA and I will try to take my DH and Felix with me.
The deer are doing well but one of my cats probably has cancer and when she is not doing any better next week I will have to let her go.
Sh....... cancer and death is surrounding me at this moment. We all know all about this. A horrible disease which sometimes comes very close. I am trying hard to keep my spirits high......but in fact I am feeling quite low at times.
I am also grateful for all the good things in my life.
Life with all its highs and lows.

Well back to my give away, If you want to be in the hat, all you have to do is  to leave a comment and think of a title for this painting and to like my mandala page on Facebook :)
When I return from LA I will pick a winner out of the hat. So you have 6 days:)

Have a nice day:)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Animal Wednesday / Lolo's Sjimmie

Yesterday a package arrived from Rhode Island.
Inside the most beautiful gift you can imagine. Painted by my dear friend Lolo.
My beloved Sjimmie, which I lost last month, returned home to be in my studio forever......
 I put him in a spot so he can overlook the towers . And I can see him all the time.
It is just remarkable how Lo captured his soul  in this painting!
It IS Sjimmie. Even better than a photograph could capture his spirit!
 The sides are exactly the same color as my lavender walls and can you see the background? In shades of lavender. The fence where Sjimmie used to overlook his kingdom.
Right under that spot I buried him, in a beautiful sunny spot.
 Here is a the view from my studio, which you can also see in the background of the painting.
Isn't it just all stunning?!

There is no way words can describe how grateful I am with this painting and that the blogging universe brought me Lo on my path. You are such a remarkably talented artist and even more , such a special and dear friend to me.

Thank you so much :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Animal Wednesday on Thursday / and SF

I had planned an AW post yesterday but I didn't have time to finish it.
Here is my little crow. Lately 2 of these are in my garden. I have dozens of jackdaws around but these are new to me. Welcome dear ones!
Is it a crow Lo?
Finally this morning I saw the new fawn, which was born on Sunday, the day I flew back from SF.
He or she is still shy and is in the shed most of the time
The other one however is in the yard now a lot
Tuesday our granddaughter Josje came for a visit and apparently Minoes doesnt know what small children are about. She just sat there and watched her. 

And then pictures of my visit to SF and Robin:
she sent me her pictures and asked to do a post with them so here they are :)
 Hi its me again.........Robin :)
 We had a small late birthday celebration. 
 My point of view

 Robins point of view
A lovely sunny day in SF
 Always animals in the neighborhood

In the hotel at breakfast with our favorite waiter Maynard, he always remembers us every time we come 
 In Macy's where we always bring special deliveries ;) to the post office.
I liked the display of all these colored lamps and Robin took this picture of me.
It was a short visit but good to see each other again.
How lucky my job brings me to San Francisco every now and then. 
I wish I could add some destinations to my company's network.......

Have a nice day:)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Animal Wednesday / young ones and old ladies

 Hi it´s me Bambi, I am a little more than 2 weeks old now :)
 Such a cutie. It just warms your heart to see her (I think it is a she)
Mother #2 is still pregnant.......
 A full house :) It is hard to believe I just have 5 pets left... (Spook isn't in the picture)
I lost 3 cats in one year (2 old ladies and 1 young man).
 A heron on my fence. He discovered my fish again :(
Yesterday my neighbors cat went in my tree and threw 3 baby song thrush out.
I tried to put them back in the nest but they fell out again. We drove them to a bird rescue on our island.
When I came home I found another one so we drove one more time. My DH took this picture with his cell phone just before I got out of the car. I held the bird in my hands because that made him relax and it kept him warm.
That is no poo poo on my thumb but some mud that got stuck in his throat which I took out for him.
You have to enlarge the picture to see those cute feathers on the side of his head.
I felt bad the kids got separated from their parents. But the people at the rescue center already had a warm nest and special food ready for them, so I hope they will survive and that the parents will forget this tragedy soon.

Happy Animal Wednesday:)