Monday, March 17, 2014

Last Post

Mexican Sunflowers

This is one of my latest madalas.

I gave it a try, but when I am honest to myself and to you I guess this will be my last post.
I had a great time on the blogs, met a lot of wonderful people, made real friends, which I met in real.
And it was inspiring.
But I had a busy year last year and the year ahead I will even be more busy than before. From June I will start to work full time. I know blogging will be nearly impossible. 
But I hope to stay in touch with most of you on Facebook. 

My every day life, family, interests, travels and animal can be followed at my  FB page:
My mandalas at Marianne's Mandalas
My other art at More than just Mandalas

Please come and visit me there and drop me a line.
Who knows in the future I will be back, but for now I say thank you and good bye


Ik denk dat dit mijn laatste post is. Ik heb het nog even geprobeerd , maar ik kom niet meer terug in de routine van bloggen. Het neemt veel tijd in beslag en die tijd heb ik nu even niet meer. Komend jaar ga ik full time werken en ik moet maar zien hoe ik het allemaal ga redden.
Ik ben op FB te vinden, zie de links hierboven. Een snellere en soms ook vluchtigere manier van communiceren, maar meer zit er voorlopig niet in.
Ik heb hier een fantastische tijd gehad, veel leuke mensen ontmoet, echte vrienden gemaakt die ik ook in het echt ontmoet heb en waarmee ik altijd contact zal blijven houden. Veel inspiratie opgedaan en veel geleerd.

Ik hoop dat ik jullie op FB zal blijven zien. 
Misschien kom ik later terug, maar voor nu  dank ik jullie voor alles en ik hoop tot ziens.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Time to take you along on a journey again.
Just returned from a colorful trip to Buenos Aires
With 2 other colleagues we went to explore the town in 2CV
 Plaza del Mayo
 Where the mothers gather every month
 a hotel, not mine.....
 La Boca, such a colorful neighborhood.

 decorated trees :)

 The tulip
 Our guide with Ingrid and Marnel. We had a great time!
 We visited la Recoleta cemetery 

 Puerto Madero

 San Telmo

 Yes and of course we had to dance the tango ;)

I had 2 wonderful days there. I LOVED the town. I thought I had been there many years ago, but I didn't recognize a thing. So probably I confused it with  Santiago.....
So much to see and do there so I hope to return there one day.
And the weather ! Coming from a cold Holland we had 105 F the first day. I loved it.

Hope you are doing OK

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lynn's theme was people, so I made her a people mandala :)
You can follow our ATC project at  our Facebook page.
Hope you are all doing okay. I still find it hard getting back into the blogging routine.
Still trying though.......