Monday, January 31, 2011

Step 3

Here in the orange circle the beginning of 2 orange zinnia's. A flower I really love but nearly impossible to buy here for your garden. Already to be seen the millennium ring in red and the purple circle.
Because my circles are overlapping each other, sometimes it is wise to paint the color of the next circle instead of painting the color around my design. Just things I have learned along the way.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Step 2

Roel's birthday is the 21th. I always start with that, so the 2 is represented by the yin yang symbol it is surrounded by a red band with a silver star pattern The band symbolizes oneness.
Born in the 12th month so again a red band.
And an orange circle for Step 3 tomorrow
Have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Step 1

Step 1
In the middle the yin yang symbol. This symbol represents the primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe.Depicted as it is, it also outlines the necessity of balance in all things.
I love this symbol, only by paintingit I feel the balance it is representing. I use this symbol a lot in my mandalas.
I started this mandala in December and I wanted to show you along the way the progress I was making. I know my friend Maureen reads my blog so I couldn't .
Today Maureen, her husband and Phos came all the way from Limburg to pick up his birth mandala.
I was good to see her again and to meet her son Phos, who stole my heart with his smile.
The dogs and some of the cats were very interested in him. He is a very happy little guy.
Tomorrow step 2......
Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Finally I have something to show.
I have finished this painting yesterday in my Wednesday art class.
I went there by car for the first time myself. I haven't driven since last month!
First I was not allowed because of the general anesthesia I had last month. Later I got medicines which didn't allow me to drive.
Now I hope all is behind me and that I am really turning the corner this time.
And I mean the American corner ;) (in Dutch it has a whole different meaning)
Anyway, I am happy to feel better at last and this week I picked up a few creative projects. I have finished a mandala I started last year, which I can't show you just yet. I have started designing mandalas for a school project which I will do in February.
And yesterday I have finished this painting! YEAH!
I have no idea what it is or what I want with it. No title yet. Any suggestions?
Well glad to be back creating and sharing and as usual I have a lot of catching up to do..........
See U around
Have a nice day

Friday, January 14, 2011

A wooden mandala

A box I made last year but I really can't find it anymore........Does anyone know where I put it?
Nothing going on here. Have been ill the most of December and now I have an urticaria as a result of all the antibiotics I have been taking.
I just feel miserable, puffy and itchy and not up to much so I won't be blogging for another few days I guess.
I hope to feel better next week and able to visit all my blog friends again.
So that's why I haven't been around much.
I haven't forgotten you ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Animal Wednesday / Sjimmie in action.......

Yesterday evening when I was calling a dear friend of mine Sjimmie and the others started acting strange. First I thought a strange cat was in the house but then it dawned to me we had a new pet!
Brought in the house by our own prince of darkness............
He let him escape just to continue the fun inside. Here he is guarding the little opening under the desk.
Next day the "thing" moved to the living room .
Here Sjimmie got some help from our Troelie.
The assistant Troelie at 16 years has no teeth left. But beware she still has her claws.......
After a wild chaise in the hall with the help of Felix we manage to secure the cats and escort the new pet outside........
awwwwww, it was Mr. Jingles!!!!!!!
Felix nearly begged me to keep him. He would make him tame and he could live upstairs.
I am not really scared of mice (you won't believe me after seeing the video....)but I just don't like them in the house. Besides keeping these kind of pets in cages is not my idea of keeping pets.....
So I took a cloth threw it over Mr. Jingles and moved him to the green garden were we released him after a 20 hour adventure in our house. Poor guy............

Sunday, January 9, 2011


(picture by Matthias Geerse)
Friday we became grandparents!
My husbands daughter gave birth to Charlotte Jos├ęphine (Josje)
Today we visited her for the first time.
I hope Josje will make this world a little more colorful and better, she already did for us♥
Have a happy life you little bundle of joy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sjimmie says.........

And we are practicing for this song, it is getting along real nice but we need some more time. Until then the original to enjoy.............. As a kid I loved this add on TV! Here is the Dutch version:

I always sing this song for my cats, but somehow they always look at me with big amazing eyes with question marks in them........

Happy Animal Wednesday!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Anyone want to bid more than.........

BT has bid $40.
Bidding will close at midnight.
You can also still donate ;)
Happy Cactus Monday!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

♥Happy New Year♥

Happy New Year to all my blog friends! May 2011 be the best year ever for you!

I didn't feel well the last month of last year, That's why I have not posted and visited very much lately.

I just love the 1st of January. A whole new year ahead of me with new possibilities, hope and creativity.

The shortest day is behind us and from now on the days will get longer.

I hope that 2011 brings you the things you are hoping for. Health, love and happiness!

I start this new year with showing the last mandala I made last year for Leron.

His mandala holds goldfish a symbol of good luck and happiness!

The gold fish brings good luck in the form of tranquility, wisdom and long life. It is one among the eight sacred symbols of the Buddha where they represent fertility and abundance.

To fully appreciate the symbolic meanings of fish, we must first consider their watery domain.

Water holds ancient symbolic meanings dealing with the subconscious and depth of knowledge. Water contains all the mysteriousness of the unknown.

Consider the murky depths of the ocean – we never know quite what to expect there. Even seasoned oceanic explorers are still awed by their findings from the deep.

Water holds endless mystery to us – it represents that which is certainly there, but cannot be seen.

Given the wonder that its domain holds, the fish too has similar symbolic meaning.

May your year be filled with happiness, prosperity, good luck, creativity and that just like the goldfish you will be in harmony with the flow of life

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!