Sunday, May 30, 2010

Greetings from the Lion City

(grabbed from the internet)
I hardly spend time at the computer here and I can't upload any pictures on my laptop. I am having a good time! I will show you pics and tell more when I come home Tuesday. I am only taking one hour internet every day so enough to read my mail and do some visits, but one hour passes quickly....... Hope you are all OK and visit you all next week again! take care! ♥♥♥ >M<

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Animal Wednesday

Oh look at that clean path..........
This is for royalty...........
Eh what are you doing here??
Out of the way, I need to do my yoga exercises Do the Sun Salutation
stretch, relax........... and enjoy the rest of the day! HAW!!!!! I am in Singapore now 24 hours after I left home. On my way to workI was in a train stuck because of a fire in the next train. What a mess.......after a detour and a lot of hassle I arrived late at work. In time for my flight but with a lot of stress. It is 22.00 here and I am going to bed. I had to stay awake a little longer in order to get in this time zone. I am lucky I could have been in the burning train and missed my flight. Instead I am here. Went to have a foot massage, ate some fried rice and had a glass of wine at the waterfront. ♥♥♥

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cactus Monday / View from my kitchen window

The windowsill in my kitchen. Here is my cactus collection ;)
Small crows eating .....
These smart fellows reside in the big tower behind our house.
I was wondering why I see the large crows on the roundabout 100 meter from our house and around the corner but never in our garden. Why is that?
Happy Cactus Monday!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A great weekend.............

I will send this fellow to Cat, since he is scared to death of Sjimmie..........
We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday we went to Lucia in Culemborg.
It was nice to see her again and to meet Prince Harry. And Sjonnie who was taking a nap in the rabbit house.... Part of Lucia's front garden. Can you imagine what the rest looks like? Prince Harrry , pretty in pink
My desert rose is blooming again
We cleaned the terrace today. It is like icing on a cake...... My garden looks wonderful all of a sudden!
It took us a whole day but it was such lovely weather :)
Friday we went to Domburg to see the exhibition of Johnny Beerens ,which was awesome.Please visit his site. It is in Dutch, but the work speaks for itself.
We had lunch outside and it was like being on a holiday in your own country.......
My cold is gone :) I folllowed all the good advices; drank water took extra vitamine C and rest a lot. I have my energy back and also painted a little last night and finished my ATC for Cat.
I have been outside a lot this weekend :)
Tomorrow will be my last day off and then I will fly to Singapore , if no ash cloud is in my way.......
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Weeks Workshop

Finally the pictures from last weeks workshop.
I waited for my friend Jeannet to send me her pictures (thanks dear!)
Here you see her result. Not bad huh for someone who says she can't draw...
I think it is fabulous.
I always love to see what everyone creates!
Have a nice & sunny weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Animal Wednesday

Searching for Sjimmie........................
Today is a beautiful spring day here. Everything is so green and fresh.
All my animals are in the video.
The garden is at it's best now I think.
Still have to make a post about the workshop and I am behind with almost everything.
I have been so tired and another cold is coming up. I am taking vitamin C and trying to take it easy.
I just feel too tired for a lot of things so I hope to feel better soon and visit you all and leave some comments. I am trying in the meanwhile, but I have missed too much to read and look at everything. Hope you will understand...............
Hope it is as sunny and pretty where you are as it is here.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mandala Workshop

Today I will give a mandala workshop here at home for a small group of people.
I am excited..................
I will post pictures tomorrow.
I have been busy with preparation yesterday. Hope it will be a success ☺
Hope you will all have a mandala day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


When I got back from Egypt yesterday this beautiful card was waiting for me!
Sjimmie in Egypt!
Lolo you always find the most appropriate cards and gifts for me!
I think he wished he could have traveled in our suitcase with us........
Our dear friends Miriam and Frans took good care of our house and cats, but Sjimmie doesn't like their dog Diesel so he was out most of the time.
Once inside and sure the dog was gone he gulped in a bowl of food in no time.
After that he relaxed and felt king of his castle again.
I know he is so happy we are back.
Miriam left me a card and it was a Sjimmie as well from the same artist as Lo's card!
Well how coincidental was that!
They are such beauties!
The cards are by Bug Art and the artist is Jane Crowther.
I can just look at them over and over again.
With Lolo's card came a gorgeous bookmark. 3D and with wonderful hummingbirds that seem to flutter......
Unfortunately you can't see it on the picture, but believe me it is awesome!
Thanks Lo for these thoughtful gifts!
I am having trouble today uploading pictures to blogger, but here are a few shots from my holiday. In random order..................
A sunflower under the palmtrees
The kids having fun together
I read 2 books this holiday!!!!!!
No internet and no art making. Well for 8 days I loved it !
One night we took the bus to Hurghada and were dropped at a touristic marina.
We took a taxi to the centre where we had a nice Arabic dinner and we walked back through some real local streets.
I just love to take pictures of all those local shops.
A hotel shot again, early in the morning before the whole hi-di-ho started
Look who came for a visit...................
We spent our time at the beach. The swimming pools were close and the kids knew where to find us.
And yes I did the half pipe and all the slides as well ;)
I had to cry twice this holiday...........
In the aircraft when I saw Hachi (for the 2nd time)
and when I read KJ's BEAUTIFUL book on the beach.
(please note my bookmark also ;))
My husband cried the same tears for the same reasons.......
If you haven't seen the movie yet, you have missed something!
And if you haven't read the book, order it here!
A nap at the beach. And last but not least ........ Look at this special award I got from my best friend Emily !
It is good to be back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had a good time! Lovely weather (between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius) I guess that is between 86 and 104 F.
My kind of weather.
We had a week in which we relaxed and enjoyed each others company.
Have to get back on my diet again.........
I am thankful we had such a good time, and that we arrived safely home again as 61 Dutch passengers didn't...........
I am thankful to be home again with all my beloved animals around me.
Things are back to normal. It is still (too) cold here, but everything is so beautiful green.
I have to catch up with everything and everybody, but at the same time I am busy preparing a mandala workshop for Saturday, so please be patient with me.......
Hope you have a lot to be thankful for!
Happy Thankful Thursday!