Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Catching up on Thankful Thursday.
here is Caroline's card I received in The Global Mail Art Greetings.
So gorgeous...........................!
Stop and smell the roses. How wonderful is that!
Thanks Caroline. !
From Teri the O in the ABC ATC's Around the world.
An octopus haiku!
Accompanied by a lovely spring zengtangle , just what we need!
A hand painted Popsicle bookmark!
I must admit I have seen them around on the blogs and secretly hoped for one ;)
And the Octopus card.
All so perfect!
Thanks Teri!
Debra (from Beam me up Scotty) sent me this PC manipulated professionally printed card for the Global Mail Art Greeting project.
Thanks Debra!
I bought this original work of art from Lolo!
It stands on my side table in the hall. Every time I walk by I have to think of her.
I just love that raven and the Global feel of these stamps from all over the world!
It is like the raven is crossing the ocean and that friendship knows no boundaries.......
Two colds in 2 months........ Dear Lolo sent me these mandala tissues for my next cold, which I have planned to have next winter btw........
The 2 boxes are lovely in my bedroom!
Lovely hummingbird cards were in the package too.
Lolo's mail is always like a little party!
Thanks Lolo!
If you are sorry you missed the raven you can always buy the raven cards available in her Etsy shop. For me they came together with the original I bought.
here some other goodies!
The blue duck for the ABC ATC challenge.
A lovely peacock bookmark! A bunny and Moo cards!
Thanks dear , you always spoil me rotten!
This lovely treasure came from BT!
My M for Musical Mermaid, together with a bunch of extra goodies!
And a beautiful handmade card!
Thanks BT!!!!
Thankful for all my creative Blogfriends and for the wonderful exchange of art we have!
But most of all for their friendship and support!
I am thankful for Spring, which has finally arrived!
Hope you have lots of things to be thankful for today!
(I know I have!)
Happy Thankful Thursday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Global Mail Art

My Mom made 10 postcards for the Global Mail Art group she joined.
She always takes pictures of them on the floor.
Here I am (Troelie) showing her that nothing beats the real thing!!!!
She received 10 gorgeous postcards from all around the world by wonderful artists and had to send 10 herself.
Here they are:
This one went to Lolo.
A do it yourself door hanger.
This one she made for Patty on her break from Hong Kong to Amsterdam. She gave it to a Chinese colleague , who took it back to Hong Kong to mail it from there.
It really went the world over twice :)
This one she made for Mim. She found a vintage postcard and used the lower part and painted the upper part.
This one was for Lisa. Watercolor, ink and silver leaf.
Another door hanger for Lynn.
A raffie and African landscape for Joss.
She didn't expect this boat to stay on during the trip to Caroline!
But miraculously it did!
A colorful cat for Cat
Moonlight for Debra (Did it ever get there...)
and Home is where the heart is for Suki!
Notice that 8 out of 10 cards have animals in them.......... :)
Happy Animal Wednesday!

Happy Blooming Tuesday!

Spring is finally here!!!! YES!!!
Happy Blooming Tuesday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Christmas Cactus Monday Mandala :)

I am back from LA, where I recovered from a cold.
Just in time before my holiday started, when I returned Saturday.
Tuesday I had one of the first flights from Schiphol bringing stranded passengers home after after the volcano eruption.
This week I will be busy preparing for my holiday next week to Egypt.
In between I will try catching up with all my blogfriends. Why is it my life seems all about catching up......?
At last spring has really driven winter away here and in the days I was gone the trees got leaves
Today I made this CC mandala (10 x 15 cm)
Happy Cactus Monday to all of you!
And to our Chief: have a good and safe trip!
Visit chief Teri to find out where all the cactus posts can be found!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earthday!

A few oldies............ Happy Earthday, where ever on earth you are!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

CD Cover

Isn't this fun?! One of my mandalas has been used for a CD cover! The mandala below I made a few years ago for someone I hardly knew. My friend Muktha asked me to paint it for a friend of hers, Deep. She didn´t know the date of birth and since she wanted it to be a surprise I just painted a personal mandala with my intuition . Muktha's wish was that a Ganesha had to be in the mandala. Normally I don´t work this way, but the request and the lack of guidance from the date of birth created a new sense of freedom, in which I was very inspired and I made the mandala with a lot of pleasure. Afterwards Orange was the perfect colour chosen for this person. In the video above you see the cover and you can hear a part of the Mantra from Deep's Album Narayana.
Below the original mandala.
Narayana van Bhakti Music

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Art on and Animal Wednesday

This year I joined a group painting on Wednesday afternoons.
This is the first painting I did. Sjimmie, my bundle of joy and inspiration ;)

The second painting was this Frida Kahlo painting.

I always wanted to paint this painting as a mural on my kitchen wall. Now I painted a painting instead......... I have to wait for my kitchen but the painting is already there :) I enjoyed painting these colors, the red oranges and green. It made me feel good.

I started this one . It is the view from my garden.
I have no idea if I like this. I took it home to work on it but I notice not much really happens here.........
Hope I will finish it one day. I have this compulsion to want to finish everything I started.........My gosh why is that?????

This is what I have been working on for weeks now. It is a panorama of the skyline Rotterdam .

My o my what have I started here....!!!!????

So difficult and all without color........................

What am I doing to myself?

I learn from this that's for sure.

This is how far I came this afternoon. They start to look like clouds.

And here is Mrs Jobse again, our studio mascotte. Isn't she cute!?

Making art is so tirering................................. Happy Animal Wednesday!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cactus Monday

Visit Teri for more spines and other cactus fun!
Happy Cactus Monday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

N = for Nude

Picasso's nude in the moonlight.
This lady is already mooning at Lynn's.
Hope you are enjoying a sunny day or the presence of the moon!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Square Mandala

Square Mandala
(available in my Etsy shop)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Animal Wednesday

A cat at the barn where we have our boat stored for the winter.
The cat was enjoying the sunshine, we had a lovely springday yesterday .
I am preposting this one because I will be working today.
(click to enlarge to see the cat and all that old wood, I just love a sight like that)
And I would like to share this video with you, which made me smile from ear to ear!!!!!

Happy Animal Wednesday!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Cactus Monday

Remember my cactus Monday post from a few weeks ago?
The Christmas Cactus is blooming now.
Is it an easter cactus then?
Picture made today. I picked Sjimmie up this time and placed him behind the cactus. The way I found him last time and he posed willingly ;)
Happy Easter!
Happy Cactus Monday!
For more cactus fun visit our Chief Cactuteer Teri, she has all the links!
Lolo had a Spring/Easter Challenge on her blog last week. To see how many bunnies you have in the house.I could only find 2................ Above is Emily Rabbits gift for Christmas. and no it is not the easter bunny, it is Emily herself!

And I love this one as well.

I can't remember where it came from (shame on me....), but it has been around ever since.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend ahead

("Shine" available in my Etsy Shop)
I wish everyone a very happy Easter weekend!
Today Eveline and Henk will come for a visit.
The rest of the weekend we will see family and friends.
Have a wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

This beautiful postcard I received Suki in our Global mail art exchange!
So beautiful , so Suki!
This beauty came from Patty in Alaska done in Scherenschnitte.
Please visit out Global Mail Art blog to see all our postcards!
Thanks Patty!
This surprise came from Lolo!
A lovelycard from Lindy Longhurst, a kaleidoscope, which is always fun: a neverending mandala!
and 4 affirmation cards. These cards can be yours, just order them in her Etsy shop.
Thanks Lo!
And this surprise package from Margaret!
Gorgeous paisley ATC and lovely print of her art heart!
Gorgeous box, perfect for collecting stamps from all my mail from all over the world.
Bookmark and moo card.
Wow what a collection!
Thank Margaret!!!
Again from Patty (PAKART ALASKA) a king salmon and one of her lovely postcards: bear with salmon!
Thanks Patty!

Lovely card made with micron pen and the I = for Iris from Mim! Here's the inside!

Thanks Mim!

Picasso Cat by Cat!
Thanks Cat! I love cats!
I am thankful to have so many wonderful blogfriend, who are sharing so much creativity with me!
I hope you have lots to be thankful for!
Happy Thankful Thursday!