Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Animal Wednesday / Pandas and small critters

 All videos and pictures in random order. I was in Chengdu this weekend and went to see the pandas there
 This picture was taken a week before, when I visited a friend. Koekie and Droppie encountered a few ferals ..... Look how they avoid looking at the cat and how she just stares at them....Fearless :)

 Oops we can't read........sorry :)
 Here is Toulouse, a beautiful dark blue cat. Koekie whispers a strategy in Droppie's ear......
 back to the Pandas. Here are a few red ones. All just as cute.
 Saw these peacocks and had to think of   a dear friend of mine....
 Isn't he or she cute?! They are just so relaxed sitting and eating..............
 having a meal together..........
 red ones again
 Oh my goodness I couldn't get enough of them
cute cute cute.

Happy Animal Wednesday!