Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Animal Wednesday / Pandas and small critters

 All videos and pictures in random order. I was in Chengdu this weekend and went to see the pandas there
 This picture was taken a week before, when I visited a friend. Koekie and Droppie encountered a few ferals ..... Look how they avoid looking at the cat and how she just stares at them....Fearless :)

 Oops we can't read........sorry :)
 Here is Toulouse, a beautiful dark blue cat. Koekie whispers a strategy in Droppie's ear......
 back to the Pandas. Here are a few red ones. All just as cute.
 Saw these peacocks and had to think of   a dear friend of mine....
 Isn't he or she cute?! They are just so relaxed sitting and eating..............
 having a meal together..........
 red ones again
 Oh my goodness I couldn't get enough of them
cute cute cute.

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Oh my goodness, those pandas are adorable! No wonder you couldn't get enough of them!
    The dogs and cats are so cute also. So laid back and sweet.
    Thanks for these pix Marianne. I really enjoyed them all.

  2. YOUR babies are adorable!!! Of the pandas, I adore them, but the red ones are really neat!!!

  3. The Pandas are so wonderful! They don't even look real - more like *Giant Stuffed Toys*! I love the video where one of the Pandas is munching on the bamboo!!! And the photo where they were *dining* together.

    As for * K & D* and the Kitty.....ha! So adorable!! The one where they are sleeping in *The Cat*s* bed is priceless...

    It looks like you had a lot of fun in Chengdu!!!!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. To have seen pandas: that is pretty special. I'm glad for you ♥

    I'm also glad you're home and cozy again. Wishing you some fun !


  5. It is such fun seeing your little dogs. The pandas are such unique animals I like seeing them too. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

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    1. Sorry all spam comments will be removed also in a comment jacket ;)

  7. What a wonderful Animal Wednesday!! I love Pandas! We have red ones here at our zoo. I think they're not really panda bears like the other ones though?

    I love the (fear) and respect K&D have for that cat. She could do some damage and they seem to know it! Glad no one was hurt :)

    It was a fun visit here today M.


    P.S. Love the peacocks!

  8. oh how sweet are all these photos!!!! lovely share Marianne!!!! Your videos are precious too!!! I have to show Cole these when he gets home from School!!!

  9. Marianne, These photos are so fun. My feral cat Zoe stares down my dog Bella all the time and Bella won't look at her either :-). Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  10. Delightful! And how amazing to see the panda's... which just happen to be my sons absolute favorite animal.
    Lovely shares, thank you! :)

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